Macabre & Mysterious Media: The Hanging Tree, horror books on sale, & lots of movies incl. The Babadook.


YOUR MUSICAL INTERLUDE: The Hanging Tree by Jennifer Lawrence Static Waves EDIT: Both versions: Static Waves AND Jennifer Lawrence

NOTE: At first, I had a video here that featured Jennifer Lawrence singing the song (apparently from the soundtrack). Then there was a sweep of YouTube, in which all of those were taken down. I found a cover that I liked and swapped it in. NOW, a kind reader has let me know that the OFFICIAL Jennifer Lawrence video has been posted. Here it is:

And here’s the cover:

And here are the lyrics: MetroLyrics: The Hanging Tree


I got an interesting comment / question from Dave H. over on 13+ haunting movies for ghost story lovers:

I am trying to remember the title of a movie that I wanted to watch the other evening, after watching “The Others”. It’s plot is very similar to “The Others”, in that at the end of the movie, the family realizes that they are dead.

The movie starts with a family (father, mother and just one son, if I remember correctly) heading up to a house that they bought, driving a Jeep Cherokee (again, if I remember correctly) and they show the road as treacherous, then they are living in the house, something happens, the end of the movie is a crash scene where their car is pulled from a ditch or something.

It sounds so familiar, but I’m coming up blank. ‘Can’t even think of search terms that would help me track it down. Who out there remembers this movie?



book cover mccammon boys life

Robert McCammon’s ebooks are on sale today, including Boy’s Life for $2.99. This is probably my favorite McCammon:

Small town boys see weird sights, and Zephyr has provided Cory Jay Mackenson with his fair share of oddities. He knows the bootleggers who lurk in the dark places outside of town. On moonless nights, he’s heard spirits congregate in the churchyard to reminisce about the good old days. He’s seen rain that flooded Main Street and left it crawling with snakes. Cory knows magic, and relishes it as only a young boy can.
One frosty winter morning, he and his father watch a car jump the curb and sail into the fathomless town lake. His father dives into the icy water to rescue the driver, and finds a naked corpse handcuffed to the wheel. This chilling sight is only the start of the strangest period of Cory’s life, when the magic of his town will transform him into a man.
Samhain Publishing is having a 30%-off sale until the end of today, Monday Dec. 1st. Check out great horror books by:
**** Hunter Shea **** Jonathan Janz **** Brian Moreland ****
**** Sean Munger **** Ramsey Campbell **** Matt Manochio ****

P.S. That last one, by Manochio, is a Christmas tale — do you know who Krampus is?



I gotta say, I was a little disappointed with The Theory of Everything. Not a bad movie … just not as good as I’d hoped. Stephen Hawking’s story, of course, is compelling. Eddie Redmayne does a convincing portrayal of Hawking. The film is based on a book written by Jane Hawking and it departs from reality a fair bit. If you want to know the facts, check out this article from Slate Magazine. (Warning: if you read the article, you will find lots of spoilers.)

Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Tom Prior
FINALLY playing at most theaters (in general release)



The campiest season of AHS. And a great deal of fun. Beware … they do not have any idea where the line is.

Available December 6th on Netflix streaming. (No link yet, check after the 6th.)




Still looking forward to this one:

Rated: R
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton
Playing at most theaters (in general release)



The reviews are saying that this is a cut above most horror. Apparently there’s a twist / something special about the second half / ending. (I’m not looking into it too deeply, because I don’t want to have my experience spoiled.)

Rated: R
Available now on Netflix streaming.


ScoobyClue brought TWO prizes to the comment thread of last week’s M&M Media post. (Apparently she’s caught on to my fondness for quirky 20th century period pieces, horror or not.) I’ll be watching for these.

BIG EYES (2014)

Rated: PG13
Stars: Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz, Krysten Ritter
Opening in theaters: December 25th

Coming in January on ABC.


I am really excited about this one:

EDIT: I just found a review of the movie by someone who has seen it! Here’s what Megan, of Halloween Girl, has to say: The Babadook Review

Mrs. Horror Boom brought this film to my attention in her thoroughly informative post:

See the Spooky-Ass Short Film That Inspired Jennifer Kent’s Upcoming “The Babadook” – “Monster” (2005)

For more in-depth info about the film, go have a read.

If nothing else, though, you’ve got to watch the actual short film that led to the full movie:

No, really. It’s VERY good. It’s only 10 minutes. Click the play button.



BTW, did you know that you can use Redbox in much the same way you used to use a brick and mortar video store? If you create an account online, you can view the current contents of all nearby kiosks, reserve titles, then go pick up your movie(s) at you convenience. Start here:

Redbox Reservations

Here’s how M&M Media listings work:
If an item is posted in the “NOW” section, I have seen (or in some way experienced) it, and am actively recommending it. NOW items are immediately available to you if you have access to the same basic services I do.
If an item is posted in the “& LATER” section, it may mean that it has not yet been released, but it may also mean I have become aware that something of potential interest is currently available, but have not yet sat down with it.

10 Comments on “Macabre & Mysterious Media: The Hanging Tree, horror books on sale, & lots of movies incl. The Babadook.”

  1. Looking forward to Big Eyes!

  2. The record label for Mockingjay’s score album has officialy posted Jennifer Lawrence’s version:

    • Thanks! I updated the post to show both videos.

      I thought I already answered this comment here, but now I’m thinking I just tweeted my thanks to you. At least I hope I did. In any case, it made my day when you let me know the video was available again.

  3. craft fear says:

    Just watched Come Back to Me (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you), but it reeeeeally annoyed me. The twist was an interesting idea but I feel like it was wasted.

    Also…is Dave maybe thinking of a movie called “House Hunting”? I’m not sure if things go down the way he is saying but it sounds kind of similar.

    • I’ll probably wait for Come Back to Me to hit streaming. Then, even if it’s bad, I don’t feel like I wasted much. I can always bail after I give it a shot.

      I read the summary and synopsis of House Hunting (2013) at IMDb. It sounds a little newer and more graphic than the impression I got from reading Dave’s description, but it’s possible.

  4. scoobyclue says:

    Did you ever cover the movie Oculus? Did I miss that? If you haven’t check it out. I watched it tonight, pretty good I thought.

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