Macabre Media: Behold the Darkness, Fit to Write, Pandemic, The Theory of Everything & The Imitation Game

Today, in Minnesota, we are having our first winter snowstorm of the season, and it’s a doozy. Some parts of the metro are expected to get more than a foot of snow. Before the snow, there was sleet, so the roads are awful. Also, the temperatures are dropping fast and the wind is picking up. It honestly doesn’t look too bad right here where I live, but I’m dreading going to fetch my boy from work.

The shift to winter-time (the end of daylight savings time) has been kicking my butt. I lose all energy with the sunset, which does not work for me. I need my late-night hours to be productive. My son and I came up with the idea to close the blinds and turn on all the lights in the apartment at about 4-4:30. This trickery seems to be helping, at least a little.

I’m trying other strategies to get past my general malaise, too, so I’ve been preoccupied with health & wellness this last week. That, too, seems to be working. The good news is I got some fiction writing done today and I’m still feeling pretty good, even though it’s deeply dark and treacherous out there. I’m hopeful for the coming week.


YOUR MUSICAL INTERLUDE: Behold the Darkness by Medwyn Goodall

I know this is on the soundtrack of some game I’ve played, but I can’t put my finger on it.
If you, like me, need this song for your writing playlist it can be downloaded in MP3 at Amazon, for 99 cents HERE.



I’ve mentioned the fitness and weight loss community called Spark People before. (Back in February, I wrote the post ‘Resolutions Review: How Spark People helped me lose 10 pounds in 11 weeks without dieting.‘)

There isn’t much overlap between that world and this one, but I thought I’d share the project I’ve been working on over there. I intend to grow it slowly, and mostly by invitation. (If you’re part of my regular blog crew, you write well enough for me to want you in the group, if you have an interest.)  It’s sucked up a lot of time to get it set up, but it’s well organized now so it should be easy to run and use. It should help keep me aware of my physical needs this winter.

fit to write collage

Wanted: Dedicated writers who need to develop & maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s build a community centered on being Fit to Write. Check out “Welcome Letter” in the general forum on the team page.


PANDEMIC — A cooperative board game


My son used some of his tip money to buy a new game and I am completely addicted. My family has been playing several times a week. I don’t have a competitive bone in my body, so the cooperative nature of this game means I’m actually having FUN. We’ve managed to win a few times. Here’s the description from the game designer’s site:

Four diseases have broken out in the world and it is up to a team of specialists in various fields to find cures for these diseases before mankind is wiped out.
Players must work together, playing to their characters’ strengths and planning their strategy of eradication before the diseases overwhelm the world with ever-increasing outbreaks. But the diseases are outbreaking fast and time is running out: the team must try to stem the tide of infection in diseased areas while also towards cures. A truly cooperative game where you all win or you all lose.

Source: This is from the same company that gave us Carcassonne.
Cost: approximately $25 – $40, depending on where you get it. (We got ours at Barnes & Nobel, but you can also order it from Amazon.)
Players: 2 – 4, working together against the game
Special Features: This is a good-looking game, with quality game pieces. It has fantastic replay-ability, because each player randomly selects a new specialist role for each game. Expansions are available.


We are STILL waiting on Horns. I’m afraid we may have missed it. It played two weekends ago, in one local art house. We intended to go this weekend, but it was already gone. This week, it’s way up in Duluth. We saw St. Vincent instead. (Which was really good, if just a tiny bit sappy. The skill of the actors in it, though, saved it.) This weekend we’ll probably go to Before I Go to Sleep, before that disappears.

At St. Vincent, we did see two trailers for movies we’re excited about. Granted, their subject matter stretches the boundaries of the “paranormal” theme here at the blog, but if Stephen Hawking and Allen Turing aren’t “alongside, near, beyond, altered, contrary to” normal, I don’t know who is.

I’m pretty sure these films will be around for a while, once they finally open. (Oscar bait, anyone?)


Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Tom Prior
Release date: playing now in select theaters.

(Local folks: it’s at the Edina Theater this week.)



Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley
Release date: November 28th (in select theaters)

Here’s how this works:
If an item is posted in the NOW section, I have seen (or in some way experienced) it, and am actively recommending it. NOW items are immediately available to you if you have access to the same basic services I do.
If an item is posted in the & LATER section, it may mean that it has not yet been released, but it may also mean I have become aware that something of potential interest is currently available, but have not yet sat down with it.

9 Comments on “Macabre Media: Behold the Darkness, Fit to Write, Pandemic, The Theory of Everything & The Imitation Game”

  1. Ohhhh I will look for these. No doubt at the downtown art house movie palace next to the old grave yard.

  2. I always enjoy your blog. I even enjoyed the one that disappeared – a lot. When I went to tweet it, it was gone. But I’m always so glad to see a new one.

  3. I haven’t seen any mention of “Horns” at all around here. Yet, anyway. Bummer!

  4. DST is kicking my butt too. I’m nodding off before 8:30. so I just get up earlier. Awake at 3:30 AM this morning. Use it or lose it. Also saw St. Vincent yesterday. Interesting conflict in the character.

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