Macabre Media: Dance in the Graveyards plus Daniel Radcliff in Horns


Tonight’s post comes to you courtesy of my daughter, Pooka. Last night she sent me a link to this amazing video. This could be my theme song (even OUR theme song.) It just makes me happy. I had to share it with you all ASAP (though it would have been entirely appropriate to save it for The Day of the Dead.)


Horns, the movie adaption of Joe Hill’s book, starring Daniel Radcliff, is coming to the big screen on October 31st, 2014. Here’s the trailer:

I’ll send a heads-up out on FB & Twitter & G+ when we get a little closer to the release date.


4 Comments on “Macabre Media: Dance in the Graveyards plus Daniel Radcliff in Horns”

  1. “Horns” wasn’t a bad read. I’m currently reading “NOS4A2” and am impressed by the similarities between Joe’s writing (and storytelling abilities) and his dad’s.

    • So far, I’ve read four books by Hill. In order of preference, I’d say I liked Heart Shaped Box, NOS4A2, then Horns. (The 4th book is 20th Century Ghosts, which is short stories. I loved some of them, and was fine with the rest. It doesn’t seem right to put it in the same category as the novels though.)

      Somewhere around here I wrote about reading Heart Shaped Box without knowing that Joe Hill was King’s son. There is absolutely a lot of similarity between the two authors. I think I was only a chapter or two into HSB before I just knew the author had to be King’s son.

  2. Ray Yanek says:

    Hi Renae! It’s been awhile! Looking forward to seeing Horns. I did read the book and enjoyed it. I think Heart Shaped Box was one of my favorite though. That was one of the first books in a really long time to creep me out…

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