Have you taken any pics for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt yet?

2015 UPDATE: The 2nd Annual Halloween Photo Hunt is up and running HERE.

There’s a new gallery up at the 1st Annual Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt as of today.


What do you think this is?


Author Jennifer Brinkmeyer got together with some friends a couple of weeks ago and got creative. Her post about it is over at her blog, in Halloween Scavenger Hunt.  She used the basic (original) hunt list, rather than the more complicated pocket-mod-style list … which worked out just fine. I loved her work, especially her flying saucer and her cryptic message. She gave me permission to grab the shots and create a gallery for her. I’d be happy to do the same for any of you. (You are also welcome to submit pics to halloweenphotoinbox@gmail.com)

Posting the pics reminded me how fun this activity is, and I’m inspired to go out and take some more shots this afternoon. (According to our weather predictor, today is a “Minnesota Top 10 Weather Day,” so I shouldn’t waste the opportunity.)

In my gallery, I just added my own attempt at the challenge concept word “black.” (I took it with my cell phone while I was on break at work earlier this week.) Another gallery owner (Laurie) did a great job with “purple.” I think I might concentrate on getting some more color words today … the leaves, after all, all peaking.

Go have a look at galleries … maybe you, too, will be inspired to immerse in the season for an hour or two and come out with some great photographs.

2014 halloween photo scavenger hunt promo

2 Comments on “Have you taken any pics for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt yet?”

  1. Tim Prasil says:

    This is a very fun idea. My devious plan is to invite some friends –many of them Theatre types — together to our local pub and see how many of the pictures we can take (and create) right there.

    It will, no doubt, require us to be very, very artistic.\

    • Brilliant!

      I wish I could gather up all the cool people I’ve met online (and their cool friends) and re-settle them in a perfect town. (Probably a college town.) Imagine the fun that could be had!

      Please go through with this plan and share the shots … I mean the photographs.

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