Only 3 weeks to go – time to obsess about candy. (Right?)

So I have been deeply, wretchedly sick for the past 10 days or so. It started out not-so-bad but – boy! – it worked itself into a fine misery-inflict-er by the time it ran its course. Just yesterday, I started to be able to be useful again and I have A LOT to do. Today I plan to run some errands with Ogre and bring Halloween into my home and life. (Time to get out the decorations, buy a pumpkin for immediate carving, and stock the house with too much sugar.)

I’ve gotten a good start this morning by preparing the countdown post for this week:

halloween countdown 3 final filtered

Only THREE weeks until Halloween!

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All links have been checked and content has been updated as needed for the post:

Classic trick or treat loot ~ nostalgic candy & prizes from Halloweens past.

PS: Come play with us at:

2014: The Paranormalist’s 1st Annual Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

PPS: I ordered my Halloween Hero magnets yesterday. If you plan to celebrate by playing some variation of  Twisted Ding Dong Ditch, you can still get them at Pooka Creations.

Halloween Hero 2014 Finished Collage PNG

To access the Halloween Countdown homepage / index of articles, click this image wherever you see it in the blog, or find the link in the header.


4 Comments on “Only 3 weeks to go – time to obsess about candy. (Right?)”

  1. Hunter Shea says:

    We actually give out juice boxes since the kiddies tend to get thirsty walking around and munching on candy. We handed out over 300 boxes last year before we had to dip into the bowl of candy and boxes of microwave popcorn. And for the adults, if you’re nice, we’ll slip you a pumpkin beer. We have a very popular house. 🙂

    • Nice. I did mini-cans of soda one year, but your idea is better. (That has to cost a pretty penny, though.) Nowadays, we don’t get many trick-or-treaters, so I think we’ll give out at least a few books. We’ll have to do the traditional fun-sized candy too, though, or my menfolk will be sad.

  2. Good idea about the juice boxes, Hunter! I understand how being sick can stop you in your tracks. I wonder if we have the same respiratory thing – it hangs on and on. I hope you feel better!

    • I’m feeling better. Only the cough and a distinct sense of laziness are lingering now. I’m trying to push through that because I’m tired of being a slug. Plus, the weather is GORGEOUS around here right now and I better get out and enjoy it while I can.

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