Start planning your Halloween activities with a printable calendar.

halloween countdown 6 final

Today, September 19th, is just 6 Fridays before Halloween.

Show your love of Halloween and drive your friends crazy by sharing the above image on your social media sites this week.

The last time I checked in with you guys, I was running away for the weekend. I had a marvelous time exploring the city of Mankato, MN.

hubbard house mankato

We toured a mansion that our guide insisted did NOT have a reputation for being haunted … despite multiple deaths which occurred in the home. In truth, I was able to find only one reference to a Hubbard House haunting on the interwebs. (From Haunted Mankato: “At night you can hear a horse and carriage come up to the front steps, hear a man and a women get out and hear the stairs creek as they walk up them, and silence.“) I certainly didn’t feel anything but the weight of history while I was on the property, so I guess I’ll believe the guide.

We also visited a graveyard, a massacre memorial … hmmm. It’s starting to sound like I should do a post about the trip.


pooka creations steampunk set

In other news, my daughter, Pooka, just added a new necklace set –  which I think is gorgeous – to her Etsy shop, Pooka Creations. ‘Just thought I’d share her nifty presentation of it. The set costs $23 plus shipping.



Now a new weekend is beginning, my Ogre has come home from work, and it’s time for the two of us to go have a drink and start planning our next six weeks. Just in time, I’ve updated this week’s Halloween Countdown post.

  • I’ve created a new, appropriately-dated, printable, planning calendar. (Preview above.)
  • I’ve double-checked all the links.
  • I’ve found a couple of new-this-year resources for Halloween events.
  • (Including a 48 hour horror film-making challenge.)
  • I’ve updated the dates of Minnesota events, and added a few new ones.

Click here for: Finding Halloween events & celebrating autumn: haunted houses, apple orchards, ghost tours and more.

PS: Come play with us at 2014: The Paranormalist’s 1st Annual Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt – I’ll be uploading some pictures this weekend!

To access the Halloween Countdown homepage / index of articles, click this image wherever you see it in the blog, or find the link in the header.

4 Comments on “Start planning your Halloween activities with a printable calendar.”

  1. I SOOO look forward to each step of your countdown, and LOVE the calendar!

  2. Pooka says:

    You know, it’s no friggin’ wonder that The Beau has no fond childhood memories of visits to apple orchards and other pick-your-own places. To find the good stuff you have to go westward about four hours from RIGHT HERE. Add on that he grew up another hour to the east of here, and his family would have needed to make day trips just for apples… And the man does not like fruit to begin with.

    I’ve got one lead on an “open as fruit is available” place not *too* far from here. Maybe I can convince him that it would be a lovely day-date and that it would make me very happy to go pick some apples together. He wouldn’t even need to eat any – I’d take care of that part.

    • One of these autumns you’ll have to bring him with you to MN. (And soon, because there won’t be much reason to do that once we’re living down there with you :))

      Heading four hours toward the west would take you into the mountains, right? It doesn’t surprise me that there’d more familiar produce there. When we toured the natural history biome exhibits, I thought much of the plant and animal life of the mountains seemed more familiar than those in the piedmont. I suppose it’s the forestiness of it.

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