Start planning your Halloween activities with a printable calendar.

halloween countdown 6 final

Today, September 19th, is just 6 Fridays before Halloween.

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The last time I checked in with you guys, I was running away for the weekend. I had a marvelous time exploring the city of Mankato, MN.

hubbard house mankato

We toured a mansion that our guide insisted did NOT have a reputation for being haunted … despite multiple deaths which occurred in the home. In truth, I was able to find only one reference to a Hubbard House haunting on the interwebs. (From Haunted Mankato: “At night you can hear a horse and carriage come up to the front steps, hear a man and a women get out and hear the stairs creek as they walk up them, and silence.“) I certainly didn’t feel anything but the weight of history while I was on the property, so I guess I’ll believe the guide.

We also visited a graveyard, a massacre memorial … hmmm. It’s starting to sound like I should do a post about the trip.


pooka creations steampunk set

In other news, my daughter, Pooka, just added a new necklace set –  which I think is gorgeous – to her Etsy shop, Pooka Creations. ‘Just thought I’d share her nifty presentation of it. The set costs $23 plus shipping.



Now a new weekend is beginning, my Ogre has come home from work, and it’s time for the two of us to go have a drink and start planning our next six weeks. Just in time, I’ve updated this week’s Halloween Countdown post.

  • I’ve created a new, appropriately-dated, printable, planning calendar. (Preview above.)
  • I’ve double-checked all the links.
  • I’ve found a couple of new-this-year resources for Halloween events.
  • (Including a 48 hour horror film-making challenge.)
  • I’ve updated the dates of Minnesota events, and added a few new ones.

Click here for: Finding Halloween events & celebrating autumn: haunted houses, apple orchards, ghost tours and more.

PS: Come play with us at 2014: The Paranormalist’s 1st Annual Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt – I’ll be uploading some pictures this weekend!

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