Halloween Countdown: creepy reads for the Halloween season

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Today, September 12th, is just 7 Fridays before Halloween.

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My son, who has been working at the coffee shop (his first job) for three weeks now, tells me that people have started to order pumpkin flavored everything. No matter where I go shopping, Halloween merchandise displays are going up. The weather here in Minnesota has turned cold, windy and damp. (That’s supposed to be temporary … please, oh, please let it be temporary.)

Halloween is undeniably on its way.

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been a rough start to the season for me. I’ve been sick for over a week. (I am getting better, I think, and it was nothing serious.) When I haven’t been working at the hotel or sleeping, I’ve been dealing with a variety of scheduling challenges. What I have NOT been doing is enjoying the season.

That has to change.

To that end, I’ll be taking my own advice this weekend. Ogre and I are taking off tomorrow morning, armed with:

and, by God, we’re going to check off some boxes.

The one thing I HAVE been doing to fulfill my need for seasonal inspirations and creepiness is reading. I’ve got so many books going right now that I’m in danger of getting the plots confused. (Not really.) In honor of the season, I’m listening to the Audible edition of Stephen King’s IT when I’m folding laundry at work. (Yep. All 44 hours and 57 minutes of it.) Next to my bed, I’ve got another favorite King going: Bag of Bones. In odd minutes, on my phone, I’m reading Jonathan Janz (who is featured in this week’s countdown post) and – for a little non-fiction – Winslow Eliot’s Writing Through the Year (The Four Seasons).

That’s the best segue I can come up with tonight.

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