Halloween Countdown: all about graveyards.

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Today, August 15th, is just 11 Fridays before Halloween.

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I’m heading out the door in a few minutes to have an adventure. My Ogre has the day off, and the weather is glorious — it’s a perfect summer day. Part of the reason for these early countdown posts is to remind us to really enjoy these remaining weeks of summer before autumn arrives. I’m not yet sure what we’ll do, but it’s likely I’ll spot an old graveyard on the side of some road and my beloved will indulge me while I explore. In the next day or two, I also need to find a local grave to adopt for the season.

Now is the perfect time to seek out lovely old cemeteries. Those that are well-treed are shady, cool and peaceful. When you head out, remember to take along some bug spray, though … mosquitoes do love to hang out there too.

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