Macabre & Mysterious Media (Special Edition): MeTV & Svengoolie

MeTV & Svengoolie


For  a couple of months now, I’ve been enjoying the offerings of a channel called MeTV. It’s a haven for paranormal folks, especially old-school types and those of us who … have been consuming macabre media for a while now, and who enjoy a dose of nostalgia.

Here’s what I catch when I have time:

  • The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
  • Columbo
  • The Fugitive
  • H.R. Rufnstuf (!!)
  • He Man and the Masters of the Universe (Ok, I’m a child.)
  • Night Gallery
  • Perry Mason
  • Thriller (with Boris Karloff)
  • The Twilight Zone …

…Oh, there’s just so much. (Lots of westerns, from Rawhide to Bonanza & comedies from Make Room for Daddy to Bosom Buddies & more.) You can see the complete show line-up here: MeTV Featured Programs

I’m going to be honest, I don’t often watch these blast-from-the-past shows from start to finish. I’ve found the station to be great when I just want to catch a little something while I eat a quick bowl of cereal, or when I’m trying to fall asleep.

There is one show, however, that I actually record to watch: Svengoolie.


I discovered MeTV, in fact, because I was looking for an old-fashioned Horror Host — someone like ElviraSir Cecil Creape, The Ghoul, or Vampira — that I could watch now. I went off on google quest one day and found that I could get Svengoolie via my cable provider, Comcast / Xfinity.

I wasn’t looking for stuff that I could watch on my computer; I really wanted something that would be similar to my experiences as a young teen, when I’d watch Hammer House of Horror movies in the late night, or to an even earlier time, when our non-network channel (remember those?) played some b&w syndicated horror host from Chicago on Sunday afternoons.

The closest thing I’ve found so far is Svengoolie.

I have to say, I’ve seen better. (After all, Mystery Science Theater originated here in Minnesota, for God’s sake. It’s hard to compete with that.) And we’re all spoiled by the slick re-packaging that was done for the the likes of Elvira. Still, there’s fun to be had watching Svengoolie.

This guy is camp and schlocky. He’s a big fan of puns and rubber chickens. The movies he introduces, however, are pretty good. He just wrapped up a series of Creature From the Black Lagoon spin-offs. This week, he’ll be doing Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman. (Click that link to see the promo that is running right now.)

The show is broadcast on Saturday nights, at 10/9C.

I have to manage my DVR-ing because my provider doesn’t list the program as “Svengoolie” but rather as the name of whatever movie he’s featuring. With any luck, your provider will be smarter.

Find your provider here: MeTV interactive map.

I’d love to live-tweet with some of you one night while watching. Let me know if you’re up for it.

PS: Because of a fabulous comment that came in to this post, I have to share a video clip of one of the horror hosts, Sir Cecil Creape, at work. Imagine meeting this guy when you’re five. You’d probably scream in his face too … even if he was a personal hero.


16 Comments on “Macabre & Mysterious Media (Special Edition): MeTV & Svengoolie”

  1. I love Svengoolie’s show. He’s always has something fun going on! 🙂

  2. angryscholar says:

    I might be down with this Svengoolie thing, if other folks are too. Could be fun.

    Susan Sarandon AND Ellen Burstyn AND Donald Sutherland? That’s quite a horror pedigree, or whatever.

    • Hey! A nibble. All right, I’ll do a little more fishing over the next few days. (Feel free to do the same.) If we get maybe another 2-3 folks to commit, then we could all send out the call at our blogs just before the chosen episode. I’m thinking in two or three weeks?

      We’d need a short hashtag that others aren’t already using. (Looks like no one has used #LTSvengoolie but maybe there’s something more clever and shorter that isn’t occurring to me.)

      As for The Calling, yeah … I gotta say that’s an appealing cast.

  3. Paranormalogistically says:

    I remember Halloween being a lot of fun last year although I can’t remember now what was aired lol. I love Colombo even though I’ve seen all the episodes….and put up with the westerns because that’s what the boyfriend likes. I guess the Rifleman is okay 😉

  4. Tim Prasil says:

    I grew up near enough to Chicago to be able to watch the original Svengoolie (who spawned Son of Svengoolie, who became the Svengoolie of today). So when ME-TV started broadcasting it here in Oklahoma, you can bet I watched it.

    It’s fun. Sometimes, I struggle to get past the first, oh, twenty minutes, since his movies are sometimes ones I’ve either seen 100 times before or ones I wish I hadn’t seen at all.

    But it’s fun. And I come back just about each week.

  5. Hunter Shea says:

    We need to bring back horror hosts! God, I miss them. I keep telling Jack we need to send demos to the cable companies. LOL

  6. scoobyclue says:

    Okay —

    Now i shall tell you of my personal encounter with Sir Cecil … and this will date me. I loved that man when I was a little girl … and I am talking the age of 5. I loved him so much, that I was actually allowed to stay up late and watch him. I would fall asleep in the beanbag before the movie was over and my Dad would carry me to bed.

    I lived in Shelbyville which was, and still is home of the World Walking Horse Celebration. My grandpa was a big deal at the radio station in town, and was always in the trophy tent, and on occasion I got to give out trophies. Which was fun … and my Grandpa told me that one day that my Sir Cecil was going to be there, and I begged… and I mean BEGGED my grandpa to please let me be there when Sir Cecil was there. Who is going to turn down a begging 5 year old tyke in pigtails… not my Grampy…. So the night comes, I am down there with my Grandpa, Sir Cecil arrives, My grandfather holds my hand and walks me over, he starts telling Sir Cecil how I am his biggest and probably his youngest fan, he tells him how I stay up to watch his show, how I begged to meet him … how it was all I talked about. All of which was true. Sir Cecil is impressed. He leans down to shake my hand and say hello.

    Well Sir Cecil is kinda scary in person, at least to a little girl … I looked at him, grabbed on to my grandpa’s leg like a cub climbing a tree and screamed bloody murder …. right in his face … and the whole stadium heard it because of the microphones down there. Oh and I wouldn’t stop, I cried, I screamed until my Mother got down to the field and carried me away.

    True story.

    • I’m so sorry it’s taken me a while to get to answering your comments. THIS one just made my week. I mean, I’m sorry that the encounter went badly, but this is just priceless. You know, I’ll bet Sir Cecil told that story to folks all the time 🙂

      This was so awesome that I’m editing the post to include a video clip of Sir Cecil Creape at work … just so folks could really envision your meeting.

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