Back in Minnesota.

I’ve returned from visiting my daughter in North Carolina and I’m settling in. Today, I’m heading into Anoka to see a dear friend, but I wanted to let you know I’m fine and I had a great time.

Soon, I’ll have a story about a check-in nightmare at a “paranormal” (like my hotel is paranormal) motel on one of the barrier islands. I’ll give you a tour of a 300 year old graveyard. I’ll update you on some new info about Mary Merrill Hersey, whom I posted about before I left. I will inflict some vacation photos on you. (You’re welcome.) For now, I thought I’d just share one of my favorite shots from the graveyard:


It was beautiful.


5 Comments on “Back in Minnesota.”

  1. zipcoffelt says:

    Welcome home, Renae! I can’t wait for the paranormal hotel story. I followed a bit on FB and already know it’s a doozy!!

  2. Morguie says:

    Am excited! Can’t wait!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Welcome home hope you and The Boy had a wonderful time!

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