Live tweeting from the paranormal hotel.

I know I owe you guys a proper follow-up for my recent post, The #paranormalhotel: what it looks like, who stays there, and how we make it work. (Part 1.) Tonight, though, I’m looking forward to sleeping in the dark after four graveyard shifts, so I thought I’d share the address for the #paranormalhotel hashtag on twitter to tide you over.

The cranky vending machine.


The first two nights were pretty uneventful but Tuesday took a strange turn, and last night was kind of interesting too.

[Note: Technically, because I start at midnight, what I refer to as Tuesday night is actually Wednesday morning. I get confused by that when interesting astronomical events happen too. But I digress.]

You can read the live tweets here:

I’ve actually started writing a sort of character profile or mini-story that elaborates on one of the folks you meet briefly in the live tweeting string, but I hear a bird singing. Even if he is crazy early, he’s reminding me that I want to be awake during the day tomorrow, so I’ll bid you a good night.


3 Comments on “Live tweeting from the paranormal hotel.”

  1. zipcoffelt says:

    I’ve been following your twitter feeds on FB. Stay safe, Renae! Sounds like a wild place to work.

    • Don’t worry, I’m cautious and I think I’m well-suited to the job. I know it sounds dangerous sometimes, but I have good spidey senses and am not afraid to call the cops or duck into the panic room. Also, strangely, a lot of the Night People that live there have my back. It’s no worse than working in bars, which is what I did when I younger, dumber, and an easier target.

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