Reading Stephen King in March & figuring out how blog hops / linkies work.

Despite having a link tool “group” of my own available (WriMoProg) I still don’t really understand linkies / blog hops very well.

As usual, when that’s the case I feel compelled to figure. it. out. I keep think that such events should be great for expanding one’s network, and that I’m missing an excellent opportunity to meet new like-minded people by not using the tool. Perhaps jumping into this event will teach me what I need to know about how link-ups work.

Recently, I stumbled across an event that is dedicated to blogging about Stephen King, and I can’t resist. Just lately, I’ve been on a King re-reading jag anyway … I’m working on Christine now, and just finished The Tommyknockers. In the last couple of months I’ve also read Different Seasons, Pet Sematary and The Shining. I’ve got the audio of Dr. Sleep available to me on my cell phone. (‘Good excuse to log some miles on the treadmill, right?) So here I go:


The bloghop is hosted by Rory of Fourth Street Review and Wendy at Wensend. You can click either of those links to read about the event and add your name to the Mr. Linky list.

It look like the format is to enter (your first name) @ (the name of your blog) into the “your name” box and to enter your URL, starting with the http://, into the “your URL” box. That’s all you have to do to have your name added to the list of participating bloggers.

After that, you’re supposed to leave a comment on one of the host blogs and make a blog post like this one. (I guess.)

I don’t really know what this means:

Every week during the event there will be a link-up on both our blogs where you can share your reviews, info posts and any other King-related posts. (Wensend.)

But I guess I’ll find out, come Saturday, the 8th.

I assume it’s going to mean that you all will see a post related to Stephen King here at my blog on Fridays in March, starting with this one.

Anyone care to join me?


Well, on the appointed day – Saturday – I visited the home page of one of the blog hop hosts and there was a new post with a new Mr. Link thing where I could add the link to a blog post about King. I linked to this one. There was also a list of others who had done the same thing. So I visited those listed posts and read and left comments.

I’m still not really getting it, because it seems like a lot of steps that you have to remember to do. I mean, it’s not like you get a reminder or anything. Kinda weird, but I’ll stick with it to see how it goes.