Friday Night Picture Show: Old House Dreams

Allow me to share a new hobby of mine – Old House Dreams. This is where I can look at listings for, and pictures of, beautiful, creepy, old houses that need someone special to love them. Sadly, the only way that special person will ever be me is if I manage to become rich, because I am neither handy, nor willing to learn to be handy.

I’d love to pay fine craftspeople fair wages  to bring such places back to life though.

Old House Dreams is a personal blog, not a commercial site. This is from the about page:

I’ve been fascinated with old houses since I was a teenager. I was the girl that grabbed real estate magazines off the stands, cutting out my favorites to add to my scrapbook of nonsense. As an adult I bombarded my moms inbox with houses that neither of us could ever buy but we both enjoyed looking at. In 2009 I started Old House Dreamer (later changed to Old House Dreams) to share my finds.

Each week I search every state, looking for houses that are as original as the day they were built, although some have been updated they all have the unique charm and history that only old houses can possess.

I hope this site inspires those that are thinking about buying an old house to take the plunge (it has before), or give ideas for those restoring, or the rest of us a place to day dream about what could be.

At Old House Dreams you can create a profile and save your favorite houses. I have a lot of homes in the Mid-Atlantic region saved (because a girl can dream, right?) but I also look for just-plain-interesting properties as inspirations for future story settings.

Here are just a few I discovered as I poked around tonight.

Click the pic to be whisked to the listing and more photographs, including interiors, of these beauties:

ohd WI cream brick exterior 30 years abandoned

Abandoned 30 years. Built 1864. Wisconsin.

Already salvaged and destroyed.

Already salvaged and destroyed.

stone wall

In Maryland. Has a surrounding stone wall.


PS Don’t forget to submit your pics for #HauntedPhotoAWeek in February.

New and old original shots are both appreciated.


Friday Night Picture Show



21 Comments on “Friday Night Picture Show: Old House Dreams”

  1. cavegirlmba says:

    That was not scary at all! Managed to go through all of it! Proud of myself 🙂

  2. CrowWoman says:

    I love old houses, too. I live in an 1840’s pre victorian and I can’t imagine living anywhere else! Thanks Renae!

  3. zipcoffelt says:

    Such an interesting Blog. When I still lived on the east coast, one of my BFFs dated a man who had inherited an old castle that had partially burned down. They spent years remodeling it only to discover it was haunted. One of the news teams interviewed them and they had photos that could not be explained that showed “what they saw at night.” On a lighter, and less true, note, my husband insists that our built-in-1995 ranch is on an old “Indian burial ground” – but he just says that to explain why he loses things.

    • Fascinating! Do you know what ever came of the place?

      Around here, we blame “the blue people” for missing and misplaced items. It’s a long story involving an episode in one of the re-boot series of Twilight Zone or Night Gallery. They are kind of like set-dressers who have to constantly re-set everything as each second passes.

  4. Pooka says:

    When you come down here to visit ME (you have to do that eventually you know!), we really must figure out the open house dates and/or visiting hours for some of the historical houses downtown. One looks positively Addams Family – I gotta get in there.

  5. I love old houses. When the time comes for me and Tara to buy in a couple of years, I’m going to be disappointed if the house we end up with was built anytime after, say, 1970.

    • Ogre and I have a fundamental difference of opinion when it comes to houses. He worries about old plumbing and electricity in old places, and I can’t stand how everything is made out of chipboard and veneer in new places. We both know the other is right, but we can’t agree that it’s better to fix the same thing.

      I’m pretty sure I’m the one that’s most right though. 🙂 Better to have a quality frame in which one can install good, modern wiring and upgrade the plumbing as needed.

  6. pilgrim52 says:

    I, too, love old houses. I grew up in a small town in Illinois with many an abandoned house in the country. Loved going through them. Oh, and your header pic is freakin’ me out!! LOL

  7. pilgrim52 says:

    The header with you and the mask that is. I see they rotate images.

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