Surviving the cold, part 2: movies & other indoor activities for paranormal people and horror fans.

The polar vortices, repeatedly roaring down from the arctic, seem to be keeping us huddled under blankets on our sofas. Here at The Paranormalist, there’s been an uptick of hits on posts offering entertainment ideas for paranormal-type folks who can’t get outside to cryptid-hunt, UFO-watch, or graveyard-prowl.

Yesterday, I gave you the rundown on what’s happening on TV right now, and in coming weeks. Today, let me offer a few more suggestions.


The most popular post at the blog is: The 13 most haunting films, for ghost story lovers (and another 13+ worth watching.)  I’m not surprised – it is a treasure trove of  creepy ghost movies recommendations, thanks in large part to the fantastic comment thread, where folks have been chiming in with suggestions of their own.

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If ghost stories aren’t the ideal movie entertainment for you, just pop over to the Courting Creepy section to find suggestions for scarier fare – films featuring writers or zombies. You can also shore up your knowledge of classic horror flicks or risk intensifying your cabin fever into full-blown insanity by exploring a selection of the best psychological horror films.

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If you’ve reached the point where you need to DO something other than sit passively on the couch, I’ve got a few options for you.

If you have access to a treadmill or indoor running track, check out Zombies, Run! a fitness app with a dark twist.


If all you’ve got is a cell phone (and a bored friend or two who also have cells,) look into the sci-fi techno-babble game Spaceteam.


If you want to have something to show for your isolation, review Halloween hobbies: monster models, knitting, cross stitch, paper cutting and more. Despite the Halloween-theme of the original post, there’s plenty of ideas there that can amuse a winter-trapped horror / paranormal fan.