Macabre & Mysterious Music: Dead Hearts by Dead Man’s Bones

So, Ryan Gosling is part of a “rock duo” called Dead Man’s Bones. They are strange and charming and weird and, yes, macabre – in an odd way.

This is a seven minute video.

When I vistited the website above, I couldn’t tell if it was broken or just artsy. (On September 19th, when I scheduled this post for an November publishing.) Just in case it makes no more sense for you in November than it does for me right now, let me give you a link to Dead Man’s Bones on Wikipedia.

NOTE: Because I’m a stickler for respecting copyright, anything posted here at the blog will be carefully vetted – I’ll only embed videos and sound clips posted to YouTube by the artist for sharing, or those being offered by the original artist from the artist’s home page. If you know of a cool, creepy, macabre or mysterious song, drop me a comment. I’m always looking for good stuff.


3 Comments on “Macabre & Mysterious Music: Dead Hearts by Dead Man’s Bones”

  1. scoobyclue says:

    I love My Body is a Zombie For You.

  2. I second scoobyclue. Great tune!

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