Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Hiddleston: how cute would that be?

Apparently the internet is freshly taken with Jennifer Lawrence.

I just want to go on record with the fact that I mentioned how much I admire her work lasterday*, in my post Tom Hiddleston: self-deprecating, intelligent, charming, gentleman – now a vampire. (Yeees!!)

She was amazing in Winter’s Bone and Silver Linings Playbook. And in The Hunger Games, of course. She even elevated a middling horror/thriller, The House at the End of the Street, into pretty-darn-good territory. Later this year, we’ll see her reprise her role as Raven / Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past, And she’s rumored to be slated to star in Burial Rites, based on the book of the same name.

Clearly I’ve been following her career, but I hadn’t thought much about what she might be like as a person. Seeing the new viral video of her being a good human being reminded of the way she reacted to Jack Nicholson’s presence, back when she won her Oscar for SLP.

When it comes to charm and appeal, she and Hiddleston seem to be in the same league.

I am suddenly struck with the idea that the two of them would make beautiful babies together.

‘Just saying.

[End squee.]

(I swear, this is not going to turn into a celebrity-watching blog.)

* Lasterday is a word my daughter coined when she was little. It means sometime before now, and probably recently, but not any particular day.


Yesterday, I posted this pic – in which I an NOT massively pregnant – to Instagram, etc. (Perspective is everything.)

scraped knee

Folks have been asking HOW I scraped my knee, so here’s the story:

We took the dog down to the laundry room. He was was wandering around as we moved loads – being a good dog – right up until a little girl and her mom and dad appeared in the doorway. He loped over to see the child, who promptly screamed. I made a running dive for his leash. There was carpet. My jeans, and my knee, tore.

I don’t remember a scraped knee being so … sting-y when I was a kid. I must have been tougher back then.

No real harm was done, as he didn’t actually touch the girl, but he was startled and dismayed by her reaction … and by my reaction, I suppose. I think he may have learned a lesson, because he was very obviously contrite when we brought him back into the room and put him into a down.

Ah, the joys of owning a big, goofy dog.

How old were you when you last scraped your knee?


4 Comments on “Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Hiddleston: how cute would that be?”

  1. Juliette says:

    Yes they would be awesome together – let’s start writing the screenplay TODAY.

    The last time I scraped my knee was in a dark parking lot in San Francisco after taking three teens to see Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco. I tripped over a curb and I hear had quite the spectacular fall. My jeans didn’t rip but my knee did.

    Hope your knee gets better soon.

    • Oh, I suspect I might be modeling a couple of characters on them. I mean, just think of it … a smart funny, educated Brit and a plucky, wholesome, yet sexy American. Trying to survive an encounter with … hmmm … maybe Black Eyed Children? No, I think a swamp beast would be best.

      How could it miss?

      As for my knee, I think I maybe should have cleaned it out when it happened. It’s looking pretty angry right now. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

  2. A Duet says:

    I think we’re all a lot sturdier as kids. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re more one-minded and can’t be bothered thinking about pain, or our younger bodies just recover a lot faster, but it seems adult injuries are always more annoying/debilitating.
    Hope your knee heals fast! Lots of neosporin and ice will surely appease it’s rage.

    • Answering this a week late … and the damn thing is still making me miserable. I was completely oblivious to how many times a day I drop to my knees without thinking about it. Nowadays, every time I try to play with the dog or file a document in the cabinet or clean the bathroom (what did you think I meant??) I squeak.

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