Friday Night Picture Show: October Twilight Walk



Friday Night Picture Show


Video is also accessible in the Body Preservation section of The Paranormalist.

body preservation


6 Comments on “Friday Night Picture Show: October Twilight Walk”

  1. angryscholar says:

    I must have the red house with green trim at about 0:15. I must. Have it.

    • You have a good eye. That is the most prominent house on the town’s historical register. “The Fillebrown House was built in 1879 as a lakeside summer cottage. It was converted to a year-round home in the 1920s and donated with its contents to the White Bear Lake Area Historical Society in the 1970s.”

      Considering the society owns the thing, you’d think they’d offer frequent tours and such. I’ve yet to be able to find an event I could attend, but it’s on my wish list.

  2. Nice pic and vid. That tree root near the end looks like there’s a face of a cherub or something in the hollow part. I know I’m always looking for something weird, but do you see it?

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