Top Ten Pieces of Classical Music to Listen to on a Dark and Stormy Night

For this week’s Macabre & Mysterious Music Monday, I’m reblogging a piece written by the talented Joanna Parypinski.

Sorry to those who saw an earlier, similar post that was supposed to just remind me to actually DO the reblog. (And thanks for those likes.)


Nothing sets the mood for a horror story like a spine-tingling score, and you might be surprised how many orchestral works provide a perfectly creepy atmosphere. What would Psycho be without the screeching violins? Let’s count down some of the best pieces of classical music to listen to on a dark and stormy night…

Number 10: “Funeral March of a Marionette” – Charles Gounod

Remember Alfred Hitchcock Presents? It was a ‘50s anthology TV show, and the title sequence used this piece, which forever afterward became associated with Hitchcock. Good evening… Get the mp3

Number 9: “Dreams of a Witches’ Sabbath” from Symphonie Fantastique – Hector Berlioz

The symphony is about an artist who’s taken a lot of opium and experiences some pretty weird stuff. Berlioz describes this movement of the symphony as “a hideous gathering of shades, sorcerers and monsters of every kind who…

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