Halloween Scavenger Hunt: our results.

2015 UPDATE: The 2nd Annual Halloween Photo Hunt is up and running HERE.

A few weeks ago, I developed a photographic scavenger hunt intended for smaller, slightly less “social” social groups. (I admit, I had selfish reasons. My little nuclear family is made up of introverts. When it comes to public outings, none of us want to beg actual items from strangers.)

We got a chance to give the game a full on test run last Friday. We played parents v. kids, in two teams of two. It was chilly, so we limited the game to two hours.

We had a blast. I’d play again in a heartbeat.

While the simple items from the scavenger hunt list are still on display, have a go at it yourself. I’ll bet you can come up with even more creative shots and poses than we did.

My favorite photos:

And here’s a video collage of the whole thing.

Print your scavenger hunt list here.

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8 Comments on “Halloween Scavenger Hunt: our results.”

  1. Tim Prasil says:

    It’s more than a little likely that this idea will be stolen and surface mysteriously in Oklahoma.

  2. After watching the collage, I’m so very jealous! How fun it must be to be in your family!!

    • My daughter and I chuckled ruefully when we first read this. We don’t think of being in our family as “fun.” (Sometimes there’s a lot of drama, especially in the wider family.) But then the conversation turned, and we had to admit that our little four-person family does get along really well. It helps that we all think the other three are funny, each in his or her own way. Plus, the menfolk put up with the silliness of the womenfolk in order to keep the peace.

  3. theipc says:

    Love it!!

  4. How creative! I’ve never been on a scavenger hunt in my life. I like the idea of combining one with Halloween. You rock!

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