Deep in October.

‘Just got back from my son’s band concert. As we came out of the auditorium, fluffy white hail was falling from the sky. I am not pleased. But it’s October in Minnesota, so if I want to enjoy some Halloween activities I’ve been looking forward to, I’m going to have to accept and adjust to the chilliness. (Right now, this cold is sinking into my bones and making me miserable, and it’s only likely to get worse. In a month, I’ll be looking back on this weather with fondness. It’s weird how it’s all relative. In the spring, when the temperature is again in the 35-40 degrees range, I’ll be running around nekkid.)

I’m really just babbling so I can keep up my string of daily posts. Truth is I’m tired and cold and I want to take a hot bath, then catch up with The Walking Dead. (I haven’t seen any of this season yet.) So I’ll leave you with a couple of photgraphs from the last night, and come back tomorrow with something better.

When we put up the Hallowen decorations last night, I asked my daughter to put together a witchshop display on my hope chest and the shelf above it. Normally, there is a basket of dog gear, a couple of magazines, and the cat’s basket-bed on the chest.

I figured that the cat could move somewhere else for a couple of weeks. My girl thought that was mean. She insisted it’s best to include the cat in the decorations. I was skeptical.

She was right, though. He LOVES the decor and hardly ever gets out the basket now. I had no idea he’d be so willing to contribute to the Halloween atmosphere around here.

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4 Comments on “Deep in October.”

  1. You have a black cat. OF COURSE you do. 😉

    “Fluffy white hail”? Is that a gentler way of saying “snow”?

    • Well, he’s more of a silvery, smokey, dark bluish-gray. With super dense fur that makes him feel like deep-plush velvet.

      I don’t use the S-word until November. Unless we have a blizzard – which is QUITE possible. I don’t mind talking about such an event, because I prefer to think of it as a weather oddity – like a tornado, or a rain of fish.

  2. A Duet says:

    Love how your cat falls in line.
    “Yes, it’s that Halloween thing. How convenient that my humans have built me a throne to bask.”

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