Friday Night Picture Show: Sharing a frozen pizza with The Boy.

Para- / par-ə / Prefix. ”Alongside, near, beyond, altered, contrary to.”
norma/ nawr-muhl / Adjective. “Conforming to the standard; usual; regular; natural.”

Another moment of my paranormal life, captured forever:

I NEVER get any pepperoni.

PS: Yes, a few of you have already seen this post. I accidentally published it last week, when I meant to share 1894 Hinckley, MN Firestorm. I took it down right away, but some of you are QUICK!


Friday Night Picture Show



3 Comments on “Friday Night Picture Show: Sharing a frozen pizza with The Boy.”

  1. Buy two pizzas next time, and share. 🙂

    • A Duet says:

      This is true, or stock some extra toppings in the fridge! Pepperoni theft is a hand-cutting offense in this house.

      • Nope. This is about him detesting anything BUT pepperoni. What we’re really doing here is getting every speck of sausage off his half. (And about me liking pepperoni, but preferring sausage.)

        If we make two pizzas, he eats all of his and won’t touch mine. I can only manage about half a pizza, and I don’t like leftovers. So the sausage goes to waste.

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