Boston Cream Poke Cake

This is not my personal recipe. Think of it as a review. To find excellent detailed instructions, please visit The Country Cook.

I’m adding this recipe to Body Preservation because I have always ADORED Boston Cream Pie, but I’ve rarely had time to make it. The recipe I once used (before I started writing seriously) called for cake, custard and frosting all made from scratch. Of course the results were fantastic, but due to the amount of work involved, I’m never likely to make it again.

When I ran into this alternative on Pinterest, I decided to give it a try.

All you need is a yellow cake mix, two boxes of instant vanilla pudding and a can of chocolate frosting. (Plus the eggs, oil and milk that preparing any of those mixes would require.)

The cake doesn’t go together quickly, because it needs to be chilled a couple of times in the making process, but it also doesn’t require much hands on time.

Doesn’t that sound about right for a day at home working on your art?

Here’s how mine turned out:

recipe boston cream pie poke cake


  • Believe the instructions when they say to just barely stir the pudding together. I allowed mine to thicken a bit too much because I didn’t want to have a wet cake. (This was my first poke cake.) Consequently, the pudding didn’t get down into the  holes as well as it could have.
  • Poking the holes is great fun.
  • There’s magic in the directions. Find them here: The Country Cook.

It was really tasty – I didn’t even mind the instant pudding which I normally would avoid. The menfolk loved it. Verdict: this is a keeper.


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