Macabre & Mysterious Music: Scissor by Liars

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giveaway collage

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post:

Did he do it? Did she do it? Was it an accident? And what the hell does the video have to do with anything?

PS: Yes, this is two music posts in a row. I’ve decided Mondays are best for M&M Music after all. Let’s see if I can develop some blog discipline. (I have other day-of-the-week-plans in the the works too.)

NOTE:¬†Because I’m a stickler for respecting copyright, anything posted here at the blog will be carefully vetted – I’ll only embed videos and sound clips posted to YouTube by the artist for sharing, or those being offered by the original artist from the artist’s home page. If you know of a cool, creepy, macabre or mysterious song, drop me a comment. I’m always looking for good stuff.