Frustration & Angst: You’ll get the 6 weeks ’til Halloween post soon.

I bought this pumpkin yesterday. And I’m going to carve it BEFORE October 1st. Because I am a child.


It’s been a rough week around here. There are elder-care issues and I just got news of a third impending divorce. (All three have been announced within the last six weeks.) I”ve been working on the Halloween Countdown post for three days, in between crises. It’s about:


But, on top of everything else, my internet connection has gone wonky, so everything is taking four times as long as usual.

I expect to finish and post sometime tonight or tomorrow. But first I’m going to welcome my flowers-bearing husband home, and have a beer or three.



12 Comments on “Frustration & Angst: You’ll get the 6 weeks ’til Halloween post soon.”

  1. Waiting eagerly over here! It’s pretty exciting seeing pumpkins in the grocery store now. We even spotted one outside somebody’s house. Can’t wait!

  2. angryscholar says:

    Sorry to hear that things aren’t going so well. Chin up and remember: fall weather and beer make everything better (in Argentina the beer is so-so, so I’m substituting some excellent Malbec).

    • So far the beer has been theoretical … but The Boy is going to a party tonight, which might turn into an over-night. If that happens, yeah, there will be quaffing with Ogre.

      I had to look up Malbec. It sounds romantic and exotic but I fear I wouldn’t like it. According to Wikipedia, it’s very tannic … and I don’t like that flavor / sensation. I wish I did – I’d be cooler if I drank red wine … or even a beer that beer-drinkers don’t scoff at. (Cheap American lagers.)

      • angryscholar says:

        Argh, I had a whole huge response typed out and WordPress ate it. Bah.

        You might like Tannat, then. It’s from Uruguay and it’s really light and not very tannin-y.

        Nothing wrong with cheap American beer. I love good beer, but two of my favorite go-tos are Yuengling and Honey Brown, two of the cheapest lagers around (Bud and Pabst make me gag, though). It’s not the price that matters.

        Actually since you’re also in the Midwest, you might be able to get Tap Room 21, which I think is a regional thing (could be wrong, though). Their amber lager is awesome.

  3. That’s a near perfect pumpkin! Are these beautiful shots with expansive yard and beauty that I’m always seeing yours? I bet it’s lovely! Take care of yourself. We can be patient.

    • I know right? It was right there, peeking out of the middle of the big pile, begging me to take it home. I couldn’t resist.

      We just rent the view, but it figured into our choice when we decided on this apartment. It’s really helped me transition to happily living in town. I see just as much wildlife here as I did at the old house, out in the boonies.

  4. Tim Prasil says:

    There’s no rule against buying a new pumpkin and carving a new jack-o’-lantern on a weekly basis before Halloween. In fact, doing so, you can create an educational display of the evolution of jack-o’-lanterns across time and decay — an enlightening variation on those single-file walkers who illustrate the evolution of humankind.

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