Macabre & Mysterious Music: Leaving Eden by The Carolina Chocolate Drops

Anyone besides me watching PBS last night?

I fell in love with this new-to-me band. On the show I watched, they actually played the more upbeat song, Country Girl – which is fantastic, but not quite right for this series of music samples – though it does have at least a little moan to it.

I clicked around at their homepage, listening to other tunes, until I found Leaving Eden, above. Another song, Genuine Negro Jig, has an eerie sound that I love, but you’ll have to google that up on your own, as I didn’t find it offered directly from the band.


In other news, I have the Halloween Give-Away post and widget nearly done – just waiting on some more information from one of the vendors. I hope to hear from her soon so we can get the give-away up and running.

NOTE:┬áBecause I’m a stickler for respecting copyright, anything posted here at the blog will be carefully vetted – I’ll only embed videos and sound clips posted to YouTube by the artist for sharing, or those being offered by the original artist from the artist’s home page. If you know of a cool, creepy, macabre or mysterious song, drop me a comment. I’m always looking for good stuff.