Introducing Body Preservation: health & well-being for lovers of things dark, gothic, eerie and paranormal.

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I was taken aback when the realization first burrowed into my conscious mind, but I’ve come to accept the unsettling truth: The Paranormalist  is — deep breath — a lifestyle blog … albeit a peculiar one.

I’m not sure how it happened.

By the time I posted a recipe for iced coffee concentrate, I suppose I knew what was going on, even if I couldn’t yet admit it.

Perhaps it started with the introduction paragraphs I wrote for Courting Creepy. Or, maybe, it began earlier, with the New Year, when I wrote 9 organizational tools to improve your productivity and support your resolutions. But no. By then I’d already created WriMoProg …

Oh, hell. The truth is, this need to address subjects not normally found within a paranormal-themed blog goes back to the day I drafted its tagline. All along, I’ve wanted to help folks create, maintain, and enjoy a lifestyle that honors personality traits, characteristics and quirks that come along with those tagline topics:

  • Finessing bipolarity. (And other psychological conditions.)
  • Writing horror. (Or any relentless drive to create, whether that be expressed through writing or another art form.)
  • Chasing ghosts. (Having an abiding interest in all things ghostly, paranormal, dark, gothic, and, yes, creepy.)

No matter when the desire took root; the time has come for me to stop fighting this long-simmering urge to grow: I’m expanding the blog to include articles about food, fitness, personal style, relationships, and productivity – all specially twisted to meet the needs of horror fans and dark artists.

Such posts will then be gathered into a soon to be opened section of the blog: Body Preservation.

Of course I will continue to write about more traditional paranormal and horror-related subjects, including Halloween. (And these posts will be archived in their proper places.)

In the next few weeks there will be a distinct (and temporary) increase in my posting frequency. I’m already gearing up for Halloween on Thursdays with the (rather elaborate) Halloween Countdown posts. (And, yes, there will be a give-away – thanks to some generous Etsy artists.) At the same time, I’m revising and redefining Courting Creepy, which is about to expand beyond movie recommendation lists. (Hint: I can read too.) And now there will be foundational posts for Body Preservation.

Please enjoy the ride.

Two Rides Ready


Amusement Ride Safety

  • Use judgment. Do not get on a ride that looks unsafe.
  • Do not get on a ride if the operator appears to be unknowledgeable or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • An adult should accompany young children.
  • Make sure you meet the height, weight and medical specifications of the ride.
  • Check that restraints are secure and in place.
  • Keep your head, hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the ride at all times. Do not stand up or exit a ride while it is in motion.
  • Watch your step when entering or exiting a ride.
  • Hold on to the handrails when exiting a ride.
  • Do not engage in rowdiness or excessive play.

12 Comments on “Introducing Body Preservation: health & well-being for lovers of things dark, gothic, eerie and paranormal.”

  1. Juliette says:

    I’ll be here following along with you and counting down to Halloween. And don’t forget – you’re never off track if you’re still moving forward!

  2. Raymond says:

    I think it is the bane of every blogger – we start out with a theme and realize “wait, I want to talk about other stuff too -” I started a second blog, but maybe you have the right idea…just write.

  3. jokelly65 says:

    OMG..your going to share decorating tips and Recipes… The horror, the inhumanity…. Hang on a second. You can claim the Martha Stewart of Halloween title. that places it right into Horror again. Never mind carry on, good job LOL

    • You make me laugh, Jokelly.

      I think Martha has a firm grasp on that title already. (Ever seen one of her Halloween magazine issues? Brilliant.) But she’s too perfect and she works too hard. Besides, I don’t ever want to get into it with her, she scares me.

  4. Holy Wow! Seat belts! There are so many things I want to do with my blog, following much of your inspiration, but I’d have to quit or get fired from my job to do it. 🙂 Good luck to you! I’m excited!

  5. I applaud your willingness to diversify. Like Raymond said, many a blogger has encountered this same “problem.” I’m kind of the opposite: I wanted to tighten things up a little and make my blog more Portland-centric, but that’s challenging given my penchant for writing about anything and everything. Regardless, best of luck to you, and I’m definitely along for the ride!

  6. Hi Renae! I just wanted to tell you that I hope to stick around for a while, and see what all you have brewing. And by the way, I, too, have been having thoughts of expanding/adding to my site. And I, too, didn’t know if it was something that could work. In the end, well, I just want to keep busy and get my thoughts out there.

    Good luck to you, Amiga. And here we go! 🙂

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