Housekeeping: This is only a test. Nothing to see here, yet.

This is pretty boring stuff, I expect to write nothing about cool, creepy things in this post. Feel free to move on. (Or stick around, if you too are thinking about how to add a plank or two to your social media platform. Or if you want to help me test this thing.)

I love There are some things, however, that it just won’t do for me – including using java script. I’d like to run my first give-away (thanks to the generous nature of some of the Etsy artists I featured this week) and I’d like to use a widget called rafflecopter to do it.

Blogger allows java script.

That got me to thinking about my social media platform. When I first started blogging, I attempted to keep mirror blogs at both wordpress and blogger. It was a nightmare. My posts are just too image- and link-intensive to make that a reasonable option. I reluctantly closed down blogger and took up permanent residence here.

Not long after that, I experimented with tumblr. (Which I still don’t really get.) I adopted the practice of (sporadically) posting links to my wordpress content at tumblr. I just toss up a photo from the post and a link. So far, that practice hasn’t really paid off, but I keep doing it because it’s not difficult. Now I’m thinking I can do the same thing on blogger. 

I’m playing with the options right now. In order to do that, I need a post a can work with both here and there. I may be updating both frequently, but I don’t think that will spam your feeds.

So let’s pretend the above text is a blog post about the generous Etsy artists that came forward to offer mechandise for me to give away.




9 Comments on “Housekeeping: This is only a test. Nothing to see here, yet.”

  1. angryscholar says:

    Okay, totally with you–I also have a Blogger thing, though I’ve never used it. I also wanted to do both, but you’ve saved me the trouble (thanks!).

    But I’m confused–do you really have a giveaway? Or is it totally pretend?

  2. Sorry, didn’t mean to be confusing. This post and the link to the test giveaway are just that … tests.

    I think I like the way the give-away widget works, so I think I AM going to add a real post and a real give-away later today.

  3. I just tried out your test. Seemed to work. Since you are looking at options, have you thought of Pinterest? I’ve been just starting to learn more on pinning and such and since I’ve been pinning to my board my blog posts, I’ve had a rise in views. It could be that it’s just getting closer to Halloween, but either way, it doesn’t hurt.

    • I have a pinterest board – I’ll look you up and connect.

      [EDIT] Cant’ find you 😦 — Did you know there are 55 Debbie Morrows on Pinterest?!?

      My board where I share the Halloween posts does seem to drive some traffic my way. The pins are getting shared a little.

      The problem with pinning is that it’s a sucking black hole … I love to just click and click. I save it for when I’m feeling under the weather or need a viisual break.

  4. Patrick says:

    Wow. This is not a post you can read quickly after a pee break at 4am and comprehend. 🙂 Took a while. 🙂

  5. The whole thing with my new site is new to me with WordPress, Renau, I am still trying to learn but mostly getting lost. Sigh! However I am here, and I did try your test. It worked!

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