Halloween hobbies: monster models, knitting, cross stitch, paper cutting and more.


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It’s high August. Here in Minnesota, we’re having our dog days of summer. Our temperatures are ranging from the mid-70s at midnight to the high-90s at noon. It’s hot. It’s thick. It’s muggy. Our air conditioners are running overtime. And, mostly, we just want to stay inside and be cool.

It’s the perfect week to pick up a new horror-friendly hobby or start a new creepy craft piece. There’s time to finish the work before Halloween, and the unstable weather of late summer and early autumn can provide lots of opportunities to settle in with a handcraft and a great scary movie. (Maybe an iconic old horror film, or one about Halloween or ghosts?)

A little later in the countdown, I’ll try to gather up some links and suggestions for larger projects to turn a home and yard into an appropriately spooky venue for Halloween. The following list is for smaller things, for hobbies that can be indulged year-round, and that can fit into the idle edges of the busy back-to-school, end-of-summer days.

NOTE: All photographs and images below are used for the sole purpose of referring readers to the original website that offers the pictured merchandise or content, At posting, all links are current and active. If a link fails to direct properly, it is due to a change by the vendor which is out of my control. I have NOT made the following projects, so I cannot guarantee that patterns are correct.


I do NOT need a new hobby. That said, I am lusting after a monster model kit or two.  Michael Thomas-Knight, over at Parlor of Horror, hooked me on this idea a while back, with his post: Aurora Monster Models and Prehistoric Scenes Kits. Ever since, I’ve been resisting the pull of these beauties. What saves me is the fact that I really just want to HAVE the models, not so much spend the time MAKING them. (I did ask Ogre last night if he missed model making. Perhaps there is a trip to a hobby store in my near future.)

NOTE: It appears that any given model might be available from any number of sources. I’ve linked to the ones I found, but if the suggested site goes out of stock, just google the proper name of the creature and see what comes up. Click around a little to find your favorite monster – many different designs are available. Be careful, though. Some listings are for reproduction boxes only. Others are for more expensive models in vinyl or resin. Some models might be available at your local hobby store. I’ve gathered a selection that shows a cross-section of the available plastic (styrene)  model kits.

Creature from the Black Lagoon w/Female
1/8 Scale | Moebius |Skill Level 2. |Ages 15 and up. |Approx. Price: $36.89
See more details about the kit at The Modeling News

Bela Lugosi as Dracula Deluxe Kit with Woman
1/8 | Moebius| Skill Level 2. |Ages 10 and up. |Approx. Price: $40.99
See more details about the kit at IPMS / USA Reviews

Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde
1/8 | Moebius | Skill Level 3. | Ages 15 and up. |Approx Price: $21.99
See more details about the kit at IPMS / USA Reviews

Bride of Frankenstein
1/8 | Moebius | Skill level 3. | Ages 15 and up. | Approx. Price: $39.99
See more details about the kit at IPMS / USA Reviews

Psycho Bates Mansion
1/87 | Polar Lights | Skill Level 2. | Ages 10 and up. | Approx. Price:  $26.99
See more details about the kit at IPMS / USA Reviews

Munsters House 1313 Mockingbird Lane
1/87 | Moebius | Skill level 2. |Approx. Price: $36.89
See more details about the kit at IPMS / USA Review


If even the level 2 kits I’ve spotlighted above are a little too intimidating, there is another option. Monster Scenes models are snap-together, rather than glue-dependent. The scale of these models is 1/13, and each kit is intended to work with all the other kits in the collection.


Yes. That does mean “The Victim”  fits inside “The Hanging Cage” … and in every other torture and restraint device in the dungeon diorama pieces.

The Monster Scenes line was created by Aurora, who had enjoyed massive success in the 60s, with classic Universal Monsters models. In the early 70s, they introduced this set, which quickly attracted the ire of religious and feminist groups. (And probably most parents.) Remember, the suggested age on these “toys” was 10 and up.

There is a great articles about the backlash at RetroCrush. There is also an elaborate website dedicated to the Monster Scenes models and their scandalous history at monsterscenes.net.

You can see how the pieces can be used to create multiple scenes in the following video, and get a glimpse of some additional pieces that may be available if you’re good with a search engine.

Get The Victim, The Hanging Cage & Gruesome Goodies at Moebius Models. ($25 – $30 each.) Try MegaHobby for: The Feral Cat, Sabre Tooth RabbitThe Skeleton. Amazon is another resource which currently stocks  The Pendulum, and Dr. Deadly himself.


Having never been a model builder, I had to do some poking around to even begin to understand what to do.

I found this:
A beginner’s guide to making plastic models. (This is a general site, that talks about model vehicles,)
and this:
How to Make (Plastic) Monster Models by Dex Robinson. Where Dex shows various stages in the process resulting in this masterpiece:
And this:
 — just to get an idea of how expensive (outside of the cost of the models themselves) this hobby is.
Megahobby Modelers Pack Set 4
“Great for getting started in Modeling”
You get the Testors Hobby Knife, Liquid cement with applicator, Special Value paint set and Testors sandpaper.
Approximate Price: $19.79

Megahobby Tool Pack
This set includes Testors liquid cement, a three-pack of fine sable paint brushes, a Model Expo sprue cutter, a Testors assorted sand paper pack with three different grits, and a Testors standard hobby knife.
Approximate price: $22.99 0r, if you want a Mega Hobby tee, $29.99.

I know, of course, that the actual supplies to complete a model would be far higher.

Especially because, of course, I want to do this:

model munsters living room

FOUR figures! Plus a bat, a rat and a rabbit(?)

Munsters Living Room
1/16 | Polar Lights | Skill Level 2. | Ages 10 and up. | Approx. Price:  $24.99
See more details about this kit at IPMS / USA Reviews




Knitting patterns:

New in 2015:

From years past, but checked for availability:

I never learned to crochet, but there are some great free patterns out there. Google away 😀



Here’s a particularly cool site for gothic, creepy, pagan, horror-based crafts from all disciplines. I’ve picked out three, but click around, especially if you don’t do any of the crafts I’ve spotlighted in this post.


The Anti-Craft Blog … Seasonal Digital Magazine … Archive Page

Bad Juju
Day of the Dead Suitcase Altar
Dollar Store Death






Haunted House by FreePatterns.com (You may have to register at this site – I already was.)
Halloween Friends by Kreinik
Happy Halloween by Kreinik
Halloween Cats by Krienik
11 little embellishment patterns from HobbyLoco.com



First, I’d love to introduce you to Tong, who has a bunch of patterns and instructional videos available a www.tongs-paper-cutting.com Links to her Halloween-specific work can be found here: Halloween Cutting Patterns. I love watching and listening to her videos – they are just deeply relaxing. Here’s an example, in which she cuts a pumpkin:

Here are a couple of downloadable templates, by Scherenschnitte: Cindy Ferguson, for these designs:

Halloween Witch
Halloween Werewolf


This week is a great time to enjoy the heat of summer in the days, and anticipate the cool of autumn in the nights. In the day, when it’s not too blazing, spend time on or in the water if you can. In the evening, grill, or enjoy a bonfire.

We’ve just passed the Green Corn (Sturgeon, Grain) full moon, but it’s still hanging large in the sky. Due to atmospheric conditions common to August nights, it often appears reddish. When it wanes and waxes twice more, we’ll be getting very close to Halloween.



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33 Comments on “Halloween hobbies: monster models, knitting, cross stitch, paper cutting and more.”

  1. angryscholar says:

    Great post. I need all the Halloween stuff I can get, since I’ve been a bad boy and don’t get a Halloween this year. So keep it coming!

  2. theipc says:

    I just love this site : )

  3. I wish there were enough hours in a day to make everything I like. Great ideas – Thanks!

  4. […] blogs can motivate you to write, create and evolve ideas. Reading countdown sites like Renae Rude – The Paranormalist can jump start you into action. Which, rightly so, will save you a lot of grief and stress in the […]

  5. jokelly65 says:

    Nice post.

    when I decorate.. I just whip out the smoke machine, make some Jack O’Lanterns from the pumpkins in my Garden, go pull the head off the life sized singing Santa, throw on some fake blood place it on a tray in the window.

    toss a Christmas elf hat on a plastic skeleton and hang it from the porch, then make bag lanterns for the yard. nature provides the leaves, the creepy wind and the dying grass. LOL Occasionally I add a soundtrack to the work like horror movie theme music, , “the Fog” or “the Thing” carpenters version not the 1951 walking vampire carrot. just good atmospheric tunes.

  6. linktay says:

    I want to do it all, counting down the days until October!!!!!!

  7. Hey Renae, thanks for the link, I know that Bride of Frankenstein is really calling you 🙂 Nice pics, esp. liked The Munsters livingroom model. Also, I like the Dollar Store Death black angels 😀

    • You’re welcome, I always try to give blame – I mean credit – where due 😀 I can’t remember … do you have the Frankensteins?

      Getting Ogre to make me monster models isn’t working. Suddenly he’s talking about how much fun he used to have making cars. Sigh.

      • There are some monster car models out there; The Munsters coach. a mummy mobile and others. Maybe a compromise would work 😉

        No, I don’t have the Frankenstein & Bride model. I started with models I had when I was young and some cheap ones, just in case I mess them up 🙂

  8. Patrick says:

    I am sooooooooooooo ready! It only makes sense for the heat of summer to finally get here 3 weeks into my school year, right? Ugh. 🙂 By the way, if you’re already having such fabulous content now, I can’t wait to see what October brings! Side note. I had NO idea monster models existed.

  9. Hunter Shea says:

    Whoa, there is a wealth of info here. You’ve just gone from blog to a web magazine. Great job!

  10. kizzylee says:

    my lovely friend renae i love your blog and always love to visit but my lovely i suffer dreadfully from bad eyesight and i am completely blind in one eye as well, could i be a little bit forward and ask you if you could darken the words a bit? as i have trouble reading them on this background, i am sorry to be such a nuisance but i cannot read much of the posts i can see the pictures, well mostly, but the words swim away from me, please don’t think this in any way a criticism it is just me with my rubbish eyes not working i am hopefully getting new glasses soon i just cannot afford them at the moment, so my lovely your blog is fabulous but my eyesight is rubbish and i am so sorry to even ask about this, i hope you have a lovely day and thank you for being my online friend xx

    • Kizzylee, Please don’t feel bad for pointing out a problem … you are actually the second person to request a darker text color. My own eyes are starting to give me a little trouble, so I do understand.

      I’m limited in what I can do with this blog template, at least until I upgrade to a paid account. I’d like to make the default text color black, instead of the gray it currently has. I can do it manually with each post, but it does take longer because then I have to go back through and “un-change” the links – so they show up as links instead of just plain black text that blends with everything else.

      Before I commit to that process, I’d like to know if it actually makes the blog easier to read. (Perhaps I just need to find a different template.) I’ve changed the first 3 paragraphs, below the Halloween countdown picture at the top of the post, to black text. (And fixed the links.) Does that make it significantly better? Can you read the text of the links which are in blue? (Again that’s a default setting.)

      The last two paragraphs of this post are in the default color, but bolded. How does that read for you?

      I could also remove the vine-y, textured background and just have a plain color.

      By the way, my husband suggested that you may want to try using the zoom function of your browser, to make viewing everything on the web easier. We use Chrome so it’s just a matter of holding down the CONTROL (CTRL) key and pressing the + key. This zooms in on the page you are viewing as far as you’d like. I don’t know what the keyboard shortcut might be for other browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer. Until he showed me, I had no idea you could do that 🙂

      • kizzylee says:

        thank you my friend for being so thoughtful and please thank your hubby i had no idea i could zoom but i shall try both having a read and zoom as soon as i get back from docs thank you again for being so lovely xx

        • Next time you visit, you’ll see I took the plunge and adapted to a new template. I hope it’s more clear for you and other readers who were struggling with that gray text and sheer text surface. Thanks for motivating me to do something that needed doing.

        • kizzylee says:

          i am there now and its very much improved thank you ^_^ i will now have a jolly good look through at all the posts i couldn’t see before thank you for being so lovely i very much appreciate your kindness and i am looking forward to reading lots of your blog now woot! have a super day xx

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