Macabre & Mysterious Music: Black River Killer by Blitzen Trapper

At first I thought this was going to be posted on Monday (you know, for the alliteration,) then I remembered that I SUCK at posting a particular thing on a particular schedule. So. New plan. This and all future Macabre & Mysterious Music posts will be accessible via the “Select Category” tool in my sidebar. (Look in *Macabre Media -> Music & Art-> Macabre & Mysterious Music.)

Because I’m a stickler for respecting copyright, anything posted here at the blog will be carefully vetted – I’ll only embed videos and sound clips posted to YouTube by the artist for sharing, or those being offered by the original artist from the artist’s home page. I hope that covers my butt sufficiently.

I’ve got 13 queued up, but I’ll need suggestions for additional pieces.  Got any leads to share?

I’m kicking off this new feature with my favorite find so far, because I have no self-control nor understanding of delayed gratification.

Blitzen Trapper’s Homepage
Buy the Album for $7! – you can listen to ALL the songs on the album here. Generous artists.