The 13 most haunting films, for ghost story lovers (and another 13+ worth watching.)

Renae Rude - The Paranormalist

NOTE: Thank you for visiting one of the most popular articles at The Paranormalist. Occasionally, I will add a link, which may of particular interest to ghost lovers, to this area of the post. Also, please note that this list is updated frequently to reflect developments in the genre. This page is being updated in August, 2015…a bit at a time.


The Ghost Story Genre:

In case it’s somehow possible for you to not know it, this is my favorite sub-genre of horror. Herein are the movies that most effectively creep-me-right-the-hell-out.

This is the genre that takes its time with me, the one that subtly builds eerie, evocative worlds, then populates those worlds with unforgettable characters. I remember the sly little thrills that glimmer in the corners of these films far longer than I remember the pulse-pounding chases of other sub-genres. (I am particularly vulnerable to a figure glimpsed in a…

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4 Comments on “The 13 most haunting films, for ghost story lovers (and another 13+ worth watching.)”

  1. elsmama says:

    Would you consider Rose Red a movie or a miniseries? Some genuinely creepy stuff in that one. Also, perhaps a “Campy Fun Horror” list would be appropriate, in which case I nominate The Cabin in the Woods, and also House of Wax (original, not remake).

    • Well, it’s a miniseries, but that doesn’t rule it out – not with Netflix making things so available. (Just checked – it is there, but not streaming, sadly.) Yes, I think it’s a pretty effective ghost story, especially if what you want is A LOT of creepiness. That house is amazing. It goes right along with The Legend of Hell House and The Haunting. (Wake the sleeping haunted house is it’s own sub-genre, isn’t it? I wonder how many watchable ones there are.)

      Do you think The Cabin in the Woods is a ghost story? I’ve gone back and forth on that. I loved the movie right up until the end which blew the scale of the thing right out of the water. It’s got to go on some list, but I don’t know what yet.

      Can’t give you House of Wax. Great flick, but no ghosts.

  2. Great list! I’ve seen most of them. Nobody’s creepier than Jack.

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