Paranormal investigation video #1, part 1 – Room 217

I’ve been stricken with the flu since Saturday, but I’m feeling much better. Tonight, I return to work at the paranormal hotel. I’ll work tomorrow too, and maybe venture back to the gym for a nice gentle treadmill walk.

If you follow @RRudeParanormal, you already know that my first trip to our brand new health club on Friday evening delayed my realization that I had the flu. The confusion was compounded by my decision to spend all of Friday night writing … and consuming far too much coffee and too many cigarettes. When I woke Saturday morning, feeling awful, I thought I knew what was going on. I “cleverly” tweeted: Gave myself pseudo-flu. First made body aches @ gym. Then stayed up all night smoking. Voila: fatigue, burning eyes, sore throat & cough. 

Having thus appropriately mocked myself, I went about my day.

Halfway through my regular shift at the hotel that night, I found myself sprawled on the floor in the office annex, out of sight of any cameras or guests. It was a long, surreal night. (I don’t do fevers well.) And it’s been a long week. Somewhere in that time, there was a trip to a nice doctor who gave me a miraculous slip of paper that said I shouldn’t go to work, or be near anyone. Mostly I’ve been sleeping (and aching and coughing and sneezing and taking dangerously hot baths) but I did put the finishing touches on the following video.

Back in January, my husband and I spent a few hours practicing our paranormal investigation skills in room 217 at the old hotel. We made many mistakes, forgot to do half of what we intended, and had a great time together.


Right now, I’m working on the EVP session that begins just as this video ends. I’ve been shocked to see that no one is posting the kind of EVP video that I want to see – the kind that shows the waveform / sonograph of the suspected EVP right in the video. Turns out, that isn’t as easy to do as I assumed it would be. I’ll figure it out, but it’s going to take a little time and tech. Though it would be easy to spend more hours tweaking part one, It’s time to move on. Before I become immersed in part two, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned so far:

  • Practice using your intended investigation tools more than you think you need to – they will be uncooperative when it’s dark, and there’s a camera recording your every hesitation.
  • Don’t think you can ad-lib your way through missing props or non-functional tools. Have a backup plan.
  • Don’t forget the tripod.
  • Wear contacts if you have to. Glasses are distracting in night vision.
  • If you’re over 40, try to avoid profile shots.
  • Wear dark, matte clothing. The glowing shirt I’m wearing is just a pastel, cotton, button-up.
  • Expect that EVERYTHING you record could end up in the final cut – “orbs” don’t wait for you to be ready.
Palmer House- Sauk Centre, MN by Francisco Daum

Palmer House- Sauk Centre, MN by Francisco Daum

We’re planning a trip to the infamous Palmer House this April. Maybe, by then, I’ll be ready.



11 Comments on “Paranormal investigation video #1, part 1 – Room 217”

  1. Hunter Shea says:

    Very cool video. Nicely done! The hotel can start charging extra for people to get that room if you can prove there’s some paranormal goings on there. Maybe they’d give you a promotion!

    • I’m of the same opinion, but my bosses are not convinced. I’m just grateful they allowed me to do it. It would have been much more expensive if I’d had to actually rent the rooms. (Yeah. We did room 107 too, but I haven’t started editing that one at all. It didn’t go as well.)

  2. mistylayne says:

    LOVE this! Very cool!!

  3. Great advice. I would also add, bring along a comfortable pair of headphones instead of earbuds, based on my own personal experience.

  4. I’m not an earbud fan either. The next time, we’ll be staying at a more famously haunted location, and overnight. I’ll absolutely want a few analysis tools along for that trip.

  5. Melanie says:

    I appreciated that you captioned the video — that helped a lot. Also, it was great that you showed the orbs in slow motion. I got goose bumps! Will watch for the next installment!

    • Oops, I missed this comment somehow. Yeah – the captioning salvaged it but it’s not a fun process. It takes forever to get it right. The voice recorder picked me up great, of course, but replacing the original soundtrack from the vieo with a seperate soundtrack is FAR beyond my skills.

      I thought the streaks were pretty creepy too … we honestly had no idea they were there.

  6. Melanie says:

    PS LOVE the new look of your site!

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