Something wicked this way comes (in three weeks.)

A while back, I decided that I should use my Thursdays as personal time. (I don’t work Thurdays.) The plan is to use the day to go on an artist date (ala Julia Cameron) and the evening to relax and pamper myself a little. I’m about to slip into a bubble bath, so I’m definitely on track. Later there will be some great old movie.

I like having a day that is about visual and physical things rather than words on the page and screen. (And certainly rather than treating pissy linens.)

This week’s game is simple, can you guess what all I did with my afternoon? Where I went? What adventures I had? The background of the collage below depicts the most exciting destination of the day. Here’s the clue: I used part of my time (and some borrowed youth and courage from my son) to go someplace I’ve been afraid to go.

Mid-October, a day out and about.

4 Comments on “Something wicked this way comes (in three weeks.)”

  1. 3 more weeks til Halloween, ya’ know this is starting to remind me of that movie, Halloween III, (eight more days til Halloween…)

  2. I suspect you decorated your house! And bought a gadget to hunt down ghosts!

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