Me, being pissy. Literally.

Well, damn. No perfect score for the October NaBloPoMo project. (I’m back-dating this entry – it’s actually 12:15a on Oct 11.) In my defense, I had typed up some babble in Write or Die, but this is the first time I tried to use it on my laptop, and it did something weird when I told it to post to my blog. (It opened a new tab for each of the 300+ words I’d typed, if you want to know.) I’ll be checking into that little glitch tomorrow.

Now I’m just too tired to give a damn. (‘Been at work since 3:30p and it’s been a day full of laundry and mean people – which I babbled about in the aforementioned attempted emergency post.)

Now that I think about it, I must complain about at least one of individuals who went out their way to make my day bad: a guy who was staying in room 120 deliberately peed on both beds in his room, before leaving without telling us that he wouldn’t be back. I don’t mean he wet the bed, I mean he hosed down everything he could reach. He must have sucked down gallons of water to maximize his output.

I learned of this when my boss called to give me instructions on how to wash the ‘special’ linens. Yes, that means I have been touching stuff that was saturated with a stranger’s urine. Of course I wear latex gloves whenever I handle the dirty laundry here, but you have no idea how badly I want a shower.

I’m here until 1:00a. Gotta go fold two sets of mattress pads, blankets and comforters now. I’ll start again tomorrow.

You know what’s really sad? This is my 100th post.