Something wicked this way comes (in four weeks.)

I’m off work tonight, so I’m trying hard to earn some spookypoints for the Halloween contest my daughter is running for our family. So far, I’ve photographed my household decorations and a shorn corn field, watched Wake Wood, and made a new Halloween countdown collage.

I’ve got a couple more movies to get through tonight … and I might do something crafty at the same time.

This week’s game: spot the 13 differences. (Special thanks to my Beloved, who has mad photoshop skills.)

Can you find 13 differences?
Click the pic for a larger view.

NOTE: Feel free to use my collages for your own Halloween countdown. You can navigate to the the complete set by using the search-by-category tool on my main page. (Look under ‘Halloween’ then ‘Countdown’.  I’d appreciate a link from the image to my main page, but it is not required.

By the way, I love these two photos of my old-school decorations. I also love the little pun I’ve made. (Check out their titles.) Bonus question: which of the displayed decorations actually dates all the way back to my childhood Halloweens, in the 1970s?

A Kitch(en)y Halloween