Something wicked this way comes (in six weeks.)

The Halloween countdown continues, but first, the answer to last week’s puzzle:

As for this week? One of these things is not like the other …

NOTE: Feel free to use my collages for your own Halloween countdown. You can navigate to the the complete set by using the search-by-category tool on my main page. (Look under ‘Halloween’ then ‘Countdown’. I’d appreciate a link from the image to my main page, but it is not required.)



8 Comments on “Something wicked this way comes (in six weeks.)”

  1. quizicalgin says:

    *does the happy dance* Great puuumpkin the great puuumpkin~ hehe Sorry just the mere mention of Halloween makes me light up the way most kids do about Christmas. Just fills me with glee for the fun that can be had. With your reminder I’m off to go pester my friends about it *tosses black and orange streamers out behind her* wee!

    My input for this is the one with flowers is different since the rest have fruits or veggies in them

  2. Thanks for the reminder! i need to get my spook on!

  3. Junior says:

    A perfect time to release a “Halloween” related book!

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