Something wicked this way comes (in seven weeks.)

I should have started this project a while ago, but the idea, and my approach to it, only crystallized for me last night. For a few weeks now, I’ve been taking more pictures than usual, in an effort to capture the arrival and unfolding of my favorite season. It’s been sort of a treasure hunt. I’ve been challenging myself to really notice what is going on around me. Some of the questions I’ve been trying to answer include:

  • When does summer transform in autumn?
  • How can I immerse myself in the seasonal changes going on around me?
  • When do the first signs and portents of Halloween appear?
  • What seasonal images and sensations especially appeal to me?

I decided it would be fun to turn the images I’m collecting into weekly collages. (I might increase their frequency in the last thirteen days before the 31st.)  These collages will serve as my countdown Halloween. Next year, I’ll try to start at least thirteen weeks before the 31st.

This week, I found all SIX of the following photographs at my local Target store:

The background of this collage is the sixth photograph. Can anyone figure out what it is? Here’s a clue: Creepy things come in threes.

WriMoProg ~ 0 + 24 = 24/42