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The Legacy of Kong – Big Gorilla goes Ape!

A complete list and short reviews of giant ape films

King Kong (1933)
RKO Studios
Directed by Ernest B. Shoedsack & Merian C. Cooper

Fay Wray
Robert Armstrong
Bruce Cabot

The fact that this epic adventure is still watch-able today is a testament to its achievement. King Kong heralded the dawn of big special effects in Hollywood movies. Willis O’Brien’s use of stop-motion animation, which would dominate sci-fi and horror for the next fifty years, influenced a great many future filmmakers, most notably, Ray Harryhausen and Tim Burton.

King Kong also featured the most ferocious and authentic looking Tyrannosaurus Rex ever to grace the screen, perhaps only second to Steven Spielberg’s T. Rex in Jurassic Park. The snapping, hissing, fast-moving beast is still a marvel to watch in action, today.

Naturally, there is not much to say that hasn’t…

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