Training for the graveyard shift.

I’ve been training, in short shifts, during the late afternoon and early evening, at my new job, for five days. Today  I had the day off.

(I insist it is still “today” and still “Monday” because I haven’t gone to bed since waking up on June 4th.)

I’ve spent the last 16 hours doing two things:
1) deep cleaning and organizing my home
2) trying to adjust to the fully nocturnal routine to which I must very soon adapt.

It’s going okay. I took an hour’s nap on the sofa, at about midnight, but I’ve been productive since then, and I’m feeling wide awake now. I’ll need to go to bed in about two hours, around 8a. I’ll get up between 2p and 3p. (Then it will become officially Tuesday for me.)

Technichally, I don’t work on Tuesday either … I’ll be going in at 4a on Wednesday morning and working until 7a. (I’m not starting my shift at 11p, which will be the regular time, because I’m still in training mode this week.)

This is weird.

Yes, it’s close to my natural, preferred cycle, but I’ve spent much of the last 20 years trying to be awake when the rest of the world is too.

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Keeping the day and date straight is going to be a bitch.


6 Comments on “Training for the graveyard shift.”

  1. Mandilyn Grace says:

    It will get easier to keep track of the day/date when you settle into the cycle. I was deeply confused for the first month or so of night shift work. It does get better.

  2. eurgh, this sounds like my worst nightmare, I think I might even have that seasonal affective disorder, where I behave like a limp duck if there isn’t enough sunlight… I hope you get into the swing of things fast, it sounds like nocturnal life will suit you so 🙂

    • I’m having a lot more trouble adjusting to the time demands of a full time job than to the nocturnal aspects of my new life. I’m really looking forward to the slower autumn season. Perhaps then I’ll be able to get more writing done.

  3. Drew Merten says:

    I have totally been there. I’ve worked nights on several of my last jobs, including one that had me traveling cross-country, sleeping in bad hotel beds, and wondering if there were bugs or rodents on the loose. It’s taken me months just to get off of that sleep schedule, and that usually consists of losing sleep to do it. Hope it gets better for you.

    • I’d rather work at a hotel than sleep in one … now that I really get what the industry standards are. My place is pretty good, but I can see how easy it would be for a hotel to actually suffer from bugs & rodents.

      Thanks for the good wishes! It gets a little better every day.

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