I only wish my new job was in a hotel this creepy – looking.

I think I found a job ridiculously well suited  to me … I’m going to be a night auditor at a hotel. The shift runs from 11p – 7a. The work load sounds extrememly manageable, especially once I’ve been trained and have settled into the routine. The charming owner/operator who hired me is perfectly comfortable with the idea of me bringing my laptop along to use however I see fit, after my regular assigned tasks are done. Pretty sweet deal for a writer, huh?

Tonight I’m thinking about books I can load onto my e-reader, because that seems like a good way to pass the dead hours as well. Obviously, it’s time to re-read The Shining. I also found this:

The Haunted Hotel was published in 1879. Its author, Wilke Collins, also penned the classic, The Woman in White.

The entire text of The Haunted Hotel is available, free to download, at Project Gutenberg.

I think I already love this Wilke guy:

“The dull people decided years and years ago, as everyone knows, that novel-writing was the lowest species of literary exertion, and that novel reading was a dangerous luxury and an utter waste of time.”
— Wilkie Collins, My Miscellanies