Three lovely bits-o-creepiness, photographed on a sunny May afternoon.

It was a busy day: Spent the morning searching the online want ads. Spent the afternoon taking pictures. Spent the evening being a good helpmate. Spent the depths of the night previewing photo manipulation websites. (Yeah, the birds are singing as I type up this post.)

I know some of you are photographers. Maybe you too were heart-broken when Google+ gobbled up Picnik, only to spit out a less friendly, less fun, set of free photo editing tools. If so, check out Pixlr. I happily played with both the photo editor and the cool, “retro vintage effects” section. (The interface on that is fascinating.) For the following photographs, I just used the editor to add a credit line, but it looks like there are lots of other useful things there too.

I’ve visited this little cemetery before. From the highway, it appears to be a relatively modern graveyard, but if you wend along a gravel road through the woods  for a little ways, you come to an older, more Irish-Catholic section.

This one is for Kat.
Dr. Kline’s Sanitarium now has apartments for rent.

“Castle Island” in the Rum River.

I’ll be doing full posts about these locations later this month, and there will be more photographs. For now, I just had to share my favorites.


11 Comments on “Three lovely bits-o-creepiness, photographed on a sunny May afternoon.”

  1. Great shots you have there! Well taken! =)

  2. I’d rent an apartment there! And I’ll have to check out Pixir (and remind myself that it has nothing to do with a fish named Nemo or a crotchety old man whose house floats away because it’s tied to a bunch of balloons).

    • :), Mark. A friend of mine actually did rent an apartment there for a while … many years ago. I have to ask him about his experiences again. (I have kind of a Swiss cheese memory, so I don’t remember if there was any creepiness.) The place does have a rep for being haunted, and I have a personal story about it, involving a dream I had. I’ll write it up eventually.

  3. Oops. It’s PixLr. Never mind. (Great site, though – how do you add a credit line? I’m playing around with it now).

    • From the start page at, choose the ‘open photo editor’ option. Once you’ve chosen an image to work on, the tool box at the left of the screen becomes available. Click the uppercase ‘A’. Position your cursor approximately where you want the text. Click. In the the text box that opens, start typing and fussing. This puts whatever you want on a new layer. These layers can be reopened and moved around (by selecting the correct layer in the menu on the right side of the screen) until you get it just the way you like. I typed each line into its own layer, so that I could tweak their relative positions to my heart’s content.

  4. kat says:

    That is too cool! Thanks! I would so rent a place there . . . Castle Island looks interesting, too.

  5. Ray Yanek says:

    Beautiful photographs! Really, I can’t wait to see more. Looks like you live in a beautiful area and have the perfect eye with which to record it!

    • Thanks, Ray. I do feel like I have a ton of subjects begging to be captured. When I readied these for posting, I realized that my camera and my eye have differing opinions about how things should look. Invariably, I darken the brightness/exposure in post. Somehow it seems to make them fit with each other better.

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