The Paranormalist’s 13 creepiest title sequences from television series.

Tonight I watched some episodes of Dexter with my husband. It’s been a couple of years since I checked in with the show, and I had forgotten how much I like its opening title sequence. Of course, the experience sent me down the rabbit-hole otherwise known as youtube. I’m resurfacing at four o’clock in the morning, happily creeped out by a combination of real and remembered thrills inspired by my trip through TV’s horror-world. ‘Thought I’d share.

13. The Addams Famiy – a favorite childhood memory. 🙂

12. Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

11. Forever Knight.

10. Fringe – short but effective.

09. Millenium – does anyone besides me remember this show?

08. The X-Files – in truth, the sequence isn’t very creepy … but that music!

07. American Gothic – this is the “series trailer” which isn’t quite the same as the opening sequence I recall, but it’s got the right flavor.

06. American Horror Story – season one. Presumably season two will have a different opening, matched to the new story.

05. Carnivale – beautiful work here, but the real eeriness was in the show itself.

04. Dexter.

03. Tales From the Darkside – this one still gets me right in the creepy spot every time I hear it.

02. True Blood – Some graphic stuff here, kids.

01. The Twilight Zone – nothing will ever take its place in my heart.

Signing off now. Good night all.


11 Comments on “The Paranormalist’s 13 creepiest title sequences from television series.”

  1. When I was a kid, I watched Kolchak: the Night Stalker, every week. What I love about the theme song is its change from typical 70’s easy listening, to the more dramatic score. I used to watch millenium faithfully and remember that it was a very serious show with brooding atmosphere (I’m a big fan of Henricksen). I would probably have the intro sequence of Masters of Horror in my list.

  2. tree peters says:

    This is one of the greatest posts of all time!! I have to send it to my husband.
    I do remember Millenium… saw every one. And Carnivale still haunts my memories from time to time.

    • I swear I will someday own Carnivale. It took years, but I finally found American Gothic (at a time when I could afford it :)) so I have faith that Carnivale will be mine too. I’m going to try to find Millenium through Netflix or Hulu or something … I have forgotten most of the storyline, but I do remember loving the series.

  3. pilgrim52 says:

    I watched Millennium and Carnivale. Loved both. But I was an X-Files fan, so the crossover to Millennium was a must-see. I also watched most of these shows you list and you’re right, American Horror Story’s opening sequence is pretty spooky. My daughter still loves the Twilight Zone marathon on American TV on Labor Day. Good post!!

    • Ah! A woman of good taste. I am haunted by Carnviale.

      That line about “American TV” makes me unreasonably happy – I still think having followers from outside the US is deeply, deeply cool.

      • pilgrim52 says:

        Carnivale is indeed haunting. I’m also a Dexter fan and a True Blood fan. I love thinking about the human mind, spirit, and knowing how we tick. I am an American living in the UK, so I miss some of the programs I watched there.

  4. selwyn says:

    Even though this has nothing to do with titles. Some other great tv shows or series. Night Gallery. Ghost Story which turned into circle of fear in the 70’s it was on Friday night after partridge family and brady bunch. Let’s not forget the original Dark Shadows.creepy beginning and great series. loved in search of and the others you listed.

    • I don’t recall Ghost Story (Circle of Fear) but I loved Night Gallery. I’ve had a chance to watch a little of the Dark Shadows (thanks to Netflix, I think?) You’re totally right about the intro 🙂

      • selwyn says:

        Go on you tube and google ghost story or circle of fear and you can watch all the episodes. They have Sebastian Cabot as the host. You’ll love it!!!

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