Quietly slipping back into the (writing) pond, avoiding unnecessary splashing.

I spent the entire day (except for a trip to the dog park and a short practice drive with my boy) sitting on my deck, trying to find my place in my work. Whenever frustration overwhelmed me and I looked up from my keyboard, I could watch the Mallards and Canada geese glide around on the black water of the pond. (Did you know a cloudy sky turns small, still bodies of water black?)

Now that it’s after midnight, I can only listen to the sounds of the creatures that live beyond the deck-rail. Mostly, I’ve been hearing the geese and the easily identified spring peepers, but an unfamiliar frog is calling – actually sort of clicking – from the far bank. An owl – one that is not a barred owl like those that lived near my old house – is hooting in a strange, quavering voice. (Wait … now that I’m paying close attention, I realize there are two.)

Once in a while, the muskrat splashes in the water. I think he chirps to himself as he goes about his business … unless there are two of them here as well.

Last night, I found a quarter-sized painted turtle in the underground garage. When I released him onto a pile of damp leaves near the pond’s edge, I shined the flashlight into the water and saw fat, healthy leeches, quick little water beetles and dozens of silver-swift minnows.

It’s a good pond. One that will help me find my place, I think.


5 Comments on “Quietly slipping back into the (writing) pond, avoiding unnecessary splashing.”

  1. redplace says:

    I really enjoyed the way you wrote this. You have a beautiful way with words šŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Talk about immediate positive reinforcement šŸ™‚ After I hit post, I tidied up the kitchen for the night, then came back to tweet the link. Imagine my surprise to see two likes and a comment already! I hardly ever get feedback until the day after I post (because I’m a middle of the night kinda chick.) Couldn’t figure it out until I realized that you, and the other liker, are in Australia. Made me smile. I hope you’re having a pleasant afternoon.

  2. Hunter Shea says:

    Yuo’re lucky you have such fertile surroundings. Perfect description of everything around you.

    • Thanks Hunter. I chose this apartment, out of many, due to its very practical features – space, storage, location, price, yadda ya. If I’m REALLY honest with myself though, I’m pretty sure the decision was made the moment I saw the deck and pond.

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