WriMoProg & a brand-new-life status update.

I am completely embroiled in this agony known as preparing to move, so I’ll just take a second to catch you up.

News of the two remaining cats: one is spoken for and the final one – the 9 year old cat my son grew up with – will be coming with us. (When it came right down to it we realized we were too attached to let him go – despite my hatred of tending a litter pan.)

Thanks to a kind comment from Teresa at Mom Grooves, I remembered that I needed to open a new Linky for February’s Writer’s Monthly Progress Challenge. (Yes, it is open now, as of Feb. 7.) Having just conceded (temporary) defeat over at my daily bit ‘o creepiness on Facebook page, I was feeling kinda down about my situation – especially in relation to how it’s affecting my ability to even think about writing/blogging. Setting up the Linky, though, reminded me that I’m only giving up a few weeks to a very big transition. I will have two weeks to work with once I get into the new apartment. I’ve set a goal of 42 total hours for the month of February, most of which will be done between 16th and 29th.

Confession: I deleted all the notifications of your new blog posts, which have been building up in my email box. With luck, I’ll be able to jump back in and start conversing with you again reasonably smoothly. Please know I do miss that time of night when I’d curl up with a cup of tea and read your words. If you think there’s something in particular that I would want to see, would you drop a link in the  comments here? I’ll start there on the 16th 🙂

WriMoProg: 1 + 1 = 2/42


One Comment on “WriMoProg & a brand-new-life status update.”

  1. Best wishes for a smooth move!

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