Off-topic: News on the chickens, the apartment, and other stuff.

I know it’s supposed to be Media Monday, but the truth is I haven’t had any time lately to watch an interesting paranormal-themed film for review or commentary. In these last few hours – which I blocked out for writing / blogging time – I should have been composing something spooky, but instead I’ve been writing a brief chicken-care manual, and individual bios for each of my hens, in an effort to finalize the arrangements for our girls. I received quick responses, so I now have some news about the fate of the chickens.

Our nine girls are to be split into two town-sized flocks. As I write this, two different households are busily planning and building back-yard coops. One flock of four – including Buff the Bantam, whose photo I posted here a while back – will be living with my daughter’s best friend (and her family). The other five – including the giant twins that were partially visible in that same photo – will be living with a family which includes twin daughters! (How perfect is that?)

There are other developments in this unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome, process of changing everything about our lives. You may recall we were working on re-homing a total of five cats. Three of them have been spoken for. We have found an apartment that we love and we will be moving in February. There are no new jobs for either of us yet, but we’ve crafted resumes, and the application blitz will begin this week. We’ve started sorting our ten-years-in-the-same-house possessions, and I’m surprised to find that I am enjoying simplifying and down-sizing. That’s all the news for now.

In the spirit of Media Monday, I will take this opportunity to point you to a PBS video that increased my understanding of (and mania for) chickens. It is currently available, via  instant streaming, from Netfix. (Or to purchase from PBS.)

Image of Natural History of Chickens DVD

Click here to go to PBS for an overview and ordering information.

If you have an interest in these amazing, wonderful, surprising creatures, this program is a great way to spend an hour. (Learn, for example, about Mike the Headless Chicken and a brave little silkie hen who protected her chicks from a bird of prey.)

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