I’m going to need a new tagline.

My first task, when I decided it was time to take myself seriously as a writer by beginning to build my platform, was crafting my tagline:

Finessing Bipolarity. Writing horror. Studying ghosts. All without forgetting to feed the chickens.

That line is attached to every profile, on every social media site I have. I love that line. Especially the part about the chickens. I imagined, when I penned it, that I would always have at least a couple of hens tucked away in the backyard.

Life is full of surprises.

The girls are currently fine, by the way; nothing terrible happened to our little flock of nine. They will, however, be needing to go to a new home – because my beloved husband came home from work in the middle of the afternoon today. Suprise!Β The economy finally caught up with us. Our only significant breadwinner is officially out of a job.

We’re ok. We’ll be ok. But there are likely some big changes in the future for us – changes that will probably preclude chicken-keeping.

I’m reeling, of course. And I’m wondering what this means in relation to this “taking myself seriously as a writer” business. But mostly – weirdly – what I can’t stop thinking about tonight, is the fact that I’m going to lose my wonderful tagline.

What could I possibly reference that would be as charming as chickens?

There's a great chicken picture here. You should really see this sweet little hen.

I took this last night. (For my 365 photos project.) This is our oldest hen, a bantam. She sleeps wherever she chooses, even between the giant twins.

UPDATE: After a good night’s sleep, I’ve figured out the solution: I will get nine goldfish, then name each and every one of them “Chicken”. Problem solved. Right?

Adrian Andreiadis Dreamstime.com

15 Comments on “I’m going to need a new tagline.”

  1. Hunter Shea says:

    I am so sorry to hear that. I hope he finds something else very soon. You have to love the state of this country.
    And no matter what happens, I’d keep the tagline. I personally love it!

    • Thanks Hunter. The corporate world boggles me. Last month, they threw him a big party in honor of his 10-year anniversary with the company. Did NOT see this coming.

      (Oh, and I figured out how to keep my precious tagline. (see comment thread or update on post – don’t know what sort of notification of reply you get :))

  2. Mandilyn Grace says:

    You could replace “chickens” with “teenager”.

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s job. I do adore your tagline, and I’m with Hunter– keep it! You’ll have chickens again. Good luck, sincerely. Keep us posted.

  4. I just realized what you meant by she sleeps between the giant twins when I took a second look at your photo. Awesome– the little chicken who could.

  5. Selena says:

    So sorry to hear about the job less. Try to remember that every thing that happens opens up new opportunities. Sending you lots of prosperity wishes!

    • Absolutely Selena. We’ve been dreaming, for a while now, about the perks of a more urban lifestyle – things like good water pressure and a reliable internet connection. If this hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t even be considering changing things up, not in this economy. Perhaps, in few months, we’ll be happily embarking on a the next leg of our adventure.

  6. Hunter & Melanie: I’m thinking I’ll get nine goldfish and name everyone of them “Chicken”. That’d solve the problem, right?

    Oh, that’s gotta go on the post itself πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve always had a secret desire to keep chickens in the backyard. Kinda sucks when you don’t have a backyard, though. One of these days! And I’d think keeping them might be an option, anyway – at least you wouldn’t have to deal with the expense of eggs!

    • Renae Rude says:

      Backyard chickens are awesome; I recommend keeping them to anyone with a liking for animals and – as you said – a backyard πŸ™‚ Believe me, I would absolutely keep the girls (which cost almost nothing to maintain) if we were staying in the house – but it seems we’re going to be moving to an apartment. We’re looking forward to enjoying a more urban lifestyle – I’ve been told it’s possible to get pizza delivered right to your house when you live in town. πŸ˜€

  8. Why does your husband getting layed off automatically mean the chickens have to go? Can’t they earn their keep by laying eggs?

    • You aren’t the first person to ask, Collie. I should have been a bit clearer in the original post. Though it isn’t set in stone yet, it is very likely the situation will mean that we move from our house to an apartment in town – within the next month or two. (My husband’s job won’t easily be replaced and I have been a stay-at-home for more than 10 years. We will both need retraining. Meanwhile, we can’t afford to live where we do now.)

      Otherwise, believe me, I would never give them up – they are each pets, with names and personalities. I’ll be working very hard to find proper homes for them πŸ™‚

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