Wintery chills leave me cold.

Wanna see something really scary?

This photo of my back yard was taken in October, 2009. So far this year, we’ve not had any snow – which is a blessing.

But I can smell it coming.

There are some truly creepy, winter-set, horror films out there.

(Do you like that? Now I’m making up hyphenated adjectives. NaBloPoMo is wearing on me.)

These come to mind:

Thank God I remember them very well, because these is zero chance I will re-watch any of them in the next few weeks as I prepare my 13 creepy movies list. I can barely force myself to watch them in July.

(Did I mention that it’s starting to get cold here in Minnesota? And that I’m not thrilled about it?)

Time for a hot bath.

6 Comments on “Wintery chills leave me cold.”

  1. Diana says:

    I make up hyphenated words all the time. It may as well be a sport.

    I can smell the snow coming, too.

  2. Coming from a country where it doesn’t snow and only experiencing my first white christmas and real snow last year, I’m eager to see some again soon! It changed my perspective of those stories to experience the cold firsthand!

  3. I went to your page to see where you are from … South Africa! I can’t imagine a place much different from Minnesota 🙂

    Where were you for your first white Christmas?

  4. I’ve gotten hooked on a couple of “cold-country” mystery series, by William Kent Krueger and Steve Hamilton. The cold is like another character in their books, and living in the South, I like the contrast to my world! Maybe I’ve found a cure for hot flashes?!

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