A companion on this paranormal quest.

I may love the the idea of paranormal things, but I know I would be unable to execute a complete investigation by myself. At the first suspicious creak of a floorboard or the guttering of a candle’s flame, I would shriek and bolt … if I were alone.

When I realized I wanted to get serious about chasing shadows, I sent out the call for a partner, or partners, who could steady me. Predictably, most of my friends and family laughed. When it comes to my interest in all things creepy, I am a biological sport. (Ten points to anyone who can name that reference BEFORE following the link I’ll provide in a minute.)

The first person to answer my call for a paranormal study-buddy was Artemis Omble. I was surprised. We hadn’t seem each other in years, and the circumstances of our original meeting had been … unusual. In hindsight, though, it makes perfect sense that the core of our little group will be Artemis, my husband (Ogre) and me. After all, more than two decades ago, on the weekend before Halloween, we visited Ed Gein’s grave together.

Artemis is starting her own blog, called OmbleMeanders. She’s the mostly-skeptical yang to my I-want-to-believe yin. As we begin working on investigations, we will be hosting a Facebook page where we can interact directly. (Along with the other members of our group.) In the meantime, you might want to pop over to her place to say hey and have a look around. (You gotta go see the weird photograph she found under the linoleum of her kitchen floor.)

P.S. Ogre, you are on notice. ‘Might want to get something up on your photo blog before I announce you to the world.

So what’s the biological sport reference?


One Comment on “A companion on this paranormal quest.”

  1. I think it is better to study the paranormal in twos – definitely much safer that way 😉

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