Too much blood and sleep, not enough tiny little ape-people.

In recent weeks, I’ve been needing an average of 5-7 hours of sleep in a given 24 hour period. Because I’ve been under the weather lately, I’ve been getting a daily extra hour or two.

Until today. Today I slept at least 14 hours.

I meant to go to bed early last night – I stepped away from the computer by 3a. As I puttered around the dark, quiet house getting ready for bed, however, I cut myself – badly. Stanching the flow of blood and cleaning up my mess took some time. At six o’clock this morning, my husband found me awake on the sofa, looking freaked out and woozy. After he examined my bandage and assured me that I was fine, I tipped over and slept for five and a half hours. Which is about right.

Then the day happened. We shopped. We did laundry. I took the dog for a sniffing-walk. I worked on the novel for a bit. Etcetera. Then, at about 7p, we settled in to watch some TV. I fired up a show about orang pendek – a cryptid from Sumatra that seems strikingly similar to the “hobbit” of Flores. (I have been fascinated by Homo floresiensis since its discovery in 2004.)

cast of Homo floresiensis compared to a microc...

cast of Homo floresiensis compared to a microcephalic skull

I didn’t make it all the way through the program. I woke at 3a, feeling both refreshed and discombobulated. I have no idea what this is going to do to my schedule, but I bet I’ll get a hell of a lot done today.


One Comment on “Too much blood and sleep, not enough tiny little ape-people.”

  1. I need at leat 7 hours sleep or I am an irritable bear. I can live off five but it would involve a lot of coffee..

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