Happy Halloween! Oh Lord, that means NaBloPoMo starts tomorrow.

I admit I’m attracted to the fuss and buzz of NaNoWrMo, but I realized long ago that attempting to write a novel in 30 days would kill me. I’m sure I could type 50,000 words in a month, but they would be gibberish. I’ve been told the first draft of any work should be written hot and fast – in order to capture the passion of the story. Balderdash. (At least for me.) I’m an agonizer who rewrites every sentence several times before moving to the next – even though I know I may cut it in the end. I’m masochistic that way.

Not wanting to be completely left out of November’s writerly excitement, however, I have decided to accept the less commonly known challenge of NaBloPoMo – posting something to my blog every day, for 30 days … starting tomorrow.

I do not promise to make long posts. I will count photographs with short captions. And – the muse be willing – some of my posts will be simple announcements that more chapters of my work-in-progress have been revised and sent along to my first-readers.

Here are some other topics you can expect to see:

  1. the Ghosts of Anoka tour, which my fledgling paranormal study group took a few weeks back
  2. the post-tour meeting, in which generational and philosophical differences freaked us right the hell out
  3. my 13 Creepiest Movies of All Time list
  4. the possibly paranormal experiences I’ve had in my life thus far, including: Grandma Teacup,
  5. the house on Ferry Street,
  6. the blue lady,
  7. the poltergeist,
  8. the fey archway,
  9. the three haunted stairways
  10. and mothman above the pond
  11. my approach to being a paranormalist, and how I’m not like the ones you’ve seen on TV
  12. musings on the practical obstacles to investigating, and how I plan to get around them
  13. preliminary work on potential investigation sites
  14. the development of a paranormal investigation “template”
  15. equipment experimentation, exploration & explanation
That’s half a month’s worth of subjects – all related to the paranormal. Is that as it should be? After all, I’m not opposed to writing about bipolarity, horror, or chickens. Any requests or questions?